MW Loop antenna sale at Anon-Co

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Ron, who writes:

Anna at anon-co has both the AN-100 and AN-200 for $12.99 plus
$9 shipping by First Class Airmail.

This $21.99 total delivered is less than *anyone* else:

Thank you for the tip, Ron.  I’ve had the AN-200 for years–it’s a brilliant loop for portable medium wave DXing!

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2 thoughts on “MW Loop antenna sale at Anon-Co

  1. Rob

    This is cool. I’ve had one for about seven years and love the thing, had been mulling over buying another for the kitchen radio, maybe another for the apartment… but at $35 now on Amazon, yikes.

    So now the kitchen and the apartment are each getting one. Thanks for pointing out a deal Thomas!

  2. rtc

    You can modify both the AN-100 and AN-200 for 630 meters but the AN-100 is easier
    because there’s more room inside.
    Simply install an RCA female on the side and wire it across the variable cap.
    Then prepare an RCA male plug with the appropriate cap…you’ll need a
    portable rx and some silver micas,etc. to experiment with.
    I have found slight differences in the Tecsun loops so there’s no “standard”
    But it will do 400-500 khz nicely.
    You *could* keep at it,adding more and more cap to get full band 150-500 khz
    coverage but don’t…just get a PK Loop for around 105 bucks instead.


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