C. Crane CCRadio3 now shipping

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Steve Lebkuecher, who notes that C. Crane is now shipping the CCRadio3:

Click here to read our review of the CCRadio3—a unit we consider to be one of the best full-sized AM radios currently on the market.

Click here to check out the CCRadio3 at C. Crane.

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2 thoughts on “C. Crane CCRadio3 now shipping

  1. MJS

    I’m definitely interested in one but would prefer aircraft band or even a SW version instead of 2M ham band capability. I wonder if such capabilities can be considered for C. Crane’s future product offerings.

    1. Maggard

      Does the CCrane Skywave SSB meet your needs?

      I am interested in how the CCRadio-3 compares to the SkyWave SSB.
      The former is $199.99 with Bluetooth, using D batteries while the latter provides AIR at $169.99, using AA batteries.

      More differences betwix them requires someone experienced than I.


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