Glenn Hauser’s World of Radio extra program from September 08, 1984

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Dave Zantow (N9EWO), who writes:

Rosebud Reservation location in South Dakota

One of Glenn Hauser’s more interesting “extra” programs to me over the years was his radio 1981 summer vacation recordings to South Dakota (near the Nebraska border).

Attached is the entire WRNO recording of that program (which aired on Sep 8, 1984). This was before he “air numbered” the programs.

Station KINI web site (station active today) :
Stream :

Click here to download the audio.

Amazing, Dave! Thank you for sharing this recording.

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1 thought on “Glenn Hauser’s World of Radio extra program from September 08, 1984

  1. Dan

    Living in Iowa, my job takes me on the road around the midwest. Early on in this sales career, one of my trips took me out to Rapid City SD. I was westbound on Interstate 90, just west of Mitchell, SD (home of the Corn Palace), and I was surfing the FM band as I do when driving. I stumbled upon KOYA on 88.1 FM and they were playing Native American tribal music.

    It was fascinating and haunting to listen to. My mind immediately started to imagine that these may have been some of the same songs and chants that Lewis & Clark, or Buffalo Bill Cody may have heard as they traveled and explored these lands so long ago. I continued to listen to it until they faded out as I continued further west towards Rapid City.

    I still make that trip about every 3 months or so, and I look forward to it, as KOYA provides a rare listening “treat” for my ears and makes the 8 hour trip much more enjoyable!


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