Numbers Station UVB-76: A New Buzzer Twin on 4810 kHz

(Screenshot: Tudor Vedeanu)

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Tom (DF5JL), who writes:


Who doesn’t know the mysterious station “The Buzzer” on 4625 kHz – but now it gets even more exciting: Because since today “The Buzzer” has a twin that transmits on 4810 kHz – fully synchronous. And to make to put a scoop on it: location is apparently near Changdu in China.

Thanks for the tip, Tom!

Yes, I noticed that our friend, Tudor Vedeanu, recently posted a recording of the new Buzzer twin on 4810 kHz:

I’m curious if the new Buzzer frequency is being used 100% of the time? Can anyone confirm?

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4 thoughts on “Numbers Station UVB-76: A New Buzzer Twin on 4810 kHz

  1. George Elias

    I’m trying to contact Valeria radio presenter at uvb76 Radio station can you please give her my message to get in contact with me urgently thanks

    1. Andrew

      Exercise/tests completed, channel (temporarily ?) closed, makes a lot of sense imVVHo; if that’s the case they probably had some datalink to drive the “twin station” and using it they were able to cover a wider range (east/se pacific … hong kong … or ?)

  2. Andrew

    Not sure it’s related, but Russia and China conducted a joint military exercise called “Tsentr-2019” (adding a link below, but more infos can be found by searching)

    and I wonder if the sudden appearance of the UVB twin may be related to some kind of mil co-operation between the two countries and/or to the need of having an UVB “twin” in China to repeat signals for the exercise; I’m not a mil analyst, by the way, I’m just “connecting the dots”


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