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Can you help Tom ID this CW transmission on 7039.60 kHz?

CW Spectrum

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Tom (DF5JL), who writes:

At the end of last year it appeared for the first time: a telemetry transmitter in CW on 7039.60 kHz. It always transmits at the 2nd, 22nd and 42nd minute of every hour. Every day.
Reception reports are available from Germany, the Netherlands, France and Greece. Three numbers and a V are transmitted ten times in succession, as follows:

0522 UTC: 121V
0542 UTC: 121V
0622 UTC: 122V
0722 UTC: 123V
0822 UTC: 125V
0842 UTC: 127V
0902 UTC: 128V
0922 UTC: 129V

During the day the values increase, in the afternoon they decrease. It is assumed that voltage values are transmitted here, i.e. “121V” would correspond to 12.1 volts. You can listen to a recording here:

Any idea?

73 Tom

Thank you, Tom.

Post readers: If you can shed some light on these transmissions, please comment!

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Numbers Station UVB-76: A New Buzzer Twin on 4810 kHz

(Screenshot: Tudor Vedeanu)

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Tom (DF5JL), who writes:


Who doesn’t know the mysterious station “The Buzzer” on 4625 kHz – but now it gets even more exciting: Because since today “The Buzzer” has a twin that transmits on 4810 kHz – fully synchronous. And to make to put a scoop on it: location is apparently near Changdu in China.

Thanks for the tip, Tom!

Yes, I noticed that our friend, Tudor Vedeanu, recently posted a recording of the new Buzzer twin on 4810 kHz:

I’m curious if the new Buzzer frequency is being used 100% of the time? Can anyone confirm?

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