The new HanRongDa K-603 portable radio

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Mei Tao, who writes:

Yesterday, I received a new radio: the HanRongDa K-603, which was sent to me by the manufacture.They want me to test this prototype machine in order to find any bugs. If there is nothing to fix, I believe this radio will hit the market in this or next month.

K-603 is a small portable radio which also has some great functions. Its major features include:

  • FM, AM, and SW bands
  • Bluetooth 5.0 connection
  • TF Card Player
  • Recording function
  • Line in
  • LCD can display three different languages,English?Chinese and another foreign language.
  • Powered by the BL-5C Li battery
  • MW channnel space can be switched between 9KHz adn 10KHz.
  • Tuning methods: Scan, ATS, and direct key entry

The designer told me that this K-603’s fm coverage is from 87MHz to 108MHz, but they will extend it to 64MHz in the next version. That’s really good news.

In a few days, I will test it carefully. If necessary, I will make side-by-side comparisons with my own Tecsun, Sangean, Radiwow, and Degen radios. Then i will present some text and video reviews.

I would like to share some pictures of this new radio with you and other BCLers

Best wishes to you!


Thank you, Mei Tao! We look forward to your review of the HanRongDa K-603. Yes, please let us know how it compares to your other receivers. We also look forward to any update regarding price and availability. Thanks for sharing those photos!

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11 thoughts on “The new HanRongDa K-603 portable radio

  1. James Patterson

    From what I can see from photos,it does not have SSB,,does not have full SW coverage up to 30 mgs. Therefore I would say it’s not a true,full coverage SW receiver/radio.I dout you could compare it with a Tecsun,because it lacks so many features that other radios have.It has extras that the true DXer would never use. Look forward to comments.

    1. Max

      Yes, we can see that this is a $15 radio without SSB and continuos coverage and that it canno be compared to a $60 radio. Thanks for pointing it out anyway.

  2. Karl Keller

    Strong resemblance to the V-115 (and clones). I’ve made several mods to mine, and believe it or not, it’s become my daily driver. Anxious to see what HanRongDa has done with it, especially as mentioned by Mike S, the need for shielding and redressing the lead from the telescoping antenna to mitigate the inherent noise problem. Would also be nice if they improved the front end prior to the chip. Time will tell I guess.

      1. Karl Keller

        Hi John. Yeah, basically I replaced the telescoping ant. lead with a very thin coax grounded to a gnd pad and routed it away from the chip. I installed ant jacks for mw and sw/fm. The other mods I made came directly from Frank Hughes (VK6FH) excellent webpage: a real wealth of info. I didn’t use his preamp, but used one of the cheap lnas from ebay incorporated into a wideband untuned loop. Works like a champ now. Not exactly a portable anymore, more of a small desktop radio. Since I spend most of my time in a wheelchair, portability isn’t a big issue for me. ’73

      2. Karl Keller

        #2 John, the wideband loop I built can be found at From the main page click on “ANT”. From the next page click on the first entry “Active Receiving Loop Antenna”. It’s a long but very interesting read, but if you’re in a hurry scroll all the way down to “GUUS”. I just copied his work, but added a pot to control the voltage to the lna to ride the gain to minimize overload and intermod. Works great and the whole thing costs about $10.00. Cheers

  3. Mike S

    Please look at the issue of processor noise leaking into the audio on MW/SW.
    This hardware bears a familial resemblence to the previous Tivdio/Retekess models in which MW was annoyingly covered in processor hash. It would be great if the internal shielding o this new model were designed to control that.


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