KPH Article on TechCrunch and Bay Area Backroads

Cypress tree avenue towards KPH. Photo by Frank Schulenburg via Wikimedia Commons

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Dan Van Hoy, who writes:

“The Last Radio Station,” an article about maritime radio station, KPH, is up on TechCrunch ( ).

KPH is silent on maritime frequencies, but through the hard work of volunteers continues operation 24/7 with a 3-30MHz KiwiSDR receiver ( and various activities throughout the year. Full information on all things KPH can be found the excellent Maritime Radio Historical Society Website (

Finally an excellent “Bay Area Backroads” episode about KPH is available on Youtube:

Can you copy the CW message at the end of the show?

Please comment if you can copy the CW message!

Thanks to much for sharing this, Dan!

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3 thoughts on “KPH Article on TechCrunch and Bay Area Backroads

  1. Roger Fitzharris

    Thanks for posting this Dan.

    What a poignant ode to a beloved relic of Radio’s past. Powerful stuff for many of us fossils.

    Long Live Morse Code, and Long Live the men and women who send and receive it.

    Cheers and 73

  2. Jake Brodsky

    Yes, I did copy the morse code at the end. It says pretty much what the text on the screen says –but there is an AR (end of message) and K (over) at the end.

    I do love to see all those Vibroplex and similar keys. No electronic keyers for those guys. And I like the swing of the morse code. This ain’t no machine 3:1 weighting.


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