Radio Emma Toc World Service updated schedule for May 2020

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Jim Salmon–with Radio Emma Toc World Service–who shares the following updated shortwave radio schedule for May 2020:

Jim notes:

Happy listening! If you are outside the transmitter coverage areas, why not listen via the broadcasters’ online services. Website details for the above stations are listed on our own website here –

If you don’t have access to receivers & aerials you can try using an online SDR receiver – – experience the enjoyment of tuning around shortwave from worldwide locations online – it’s almost real!

We are happy to issue eQSLs for reception reports sent to – [email protected] – & will gladly include for online reports. If using an online SDR, please give us the SDR location.

Finally if any stations wish to relay our programme a download link is available on our website. Please advise us of times & dates for our schedule.

Thank you!

Jim Salmon – Radio Emma Toc

Many thanks for the update, Jim! Brilliant job making the Radio Emma Toc WS broadcasts widely available!

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2 thoughts on “Radio Emma Toc World Service updated schedule for May 2020

  1. Mangosman

    The Unique Radio Australia is a pair of transmitters on 5.045 MHz daytime 3.21 MHz night.
    Their licence shows they can transmit AM but their website shows USB? Is there a carrier?
    The transmitter is in Gunnedah, North Western NSW -30.996919°,150.083326°

    1. Rob Wagner

      Nupe! No carrier. UR is trying to gain reception distance by using USB, and that sorta helps. But the audio quality is not great and offers low readability when conditions are noisy. And, as UR plays lots of music, this results in a quite underwhelming listening experience. The service is really only designed for local reception in NSW.


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