Radio Lavalamp broadcast on July 12, 2020

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Pete Madtone who shares the following announcement from Radio Lavalamp:

Can you pass the ham radio test?

Tune in to DJ Frederick’s Radio Lavalamp on Sunday 12th July at 2200 UTC (11pm UK time) on 3955 kHz via Channel 292. The transmission will feature amongst other things One Deck Pete with a mix called The Purple Nucleus of Creation 001 featuring Carlos Pizzetti, Zane Moss, Julie Østengaard, Mahamboro, Blundetto and this great tune below from 100th Monkey.

Tune in to Radio Lavalamp, your ethereal shortwave music station on 3955.
#shortwavesnotdead #radiolavalamp #Thepurplenucleusofcreation001

Check out this sneak preview!

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2 thoughts on “Radio Lavalamp broadcast on July 12, 2020

  1. Frederick Moe

    I’m so happy to have One Deck Pete collaborating on the return of Radio Lavalamp & the Purple Nucleus of Creation!


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