Silphase R1 videos and information about power and antenna ports

We’re starting to get a little more info about the recently posted Silphase R1 SDR receiver. At this point, the radio isn’t in production and is obviously only in a prototype stage so there are a lot of question marks–including if it’ll ever come to fruition. The pandemic is obviously not an ideal time to launch and produce a new high-end radio. I, for one, certainly hope they do!

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Mark Hirst asked Silphase about R1 external antenna support and power options. A Silphase representative replied:

“We are constantly redesigning the rear panel receiver Silphase R1, so we
can say for sure that there are 4 connectors – antenna F-type connector,
12.6 V power/charging, RJ-45 and USB”

And thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Paul, who received the following info from Silphase:

You can watch real videos on our YouTube channel.

Sample videos:

Click here to view all of the videos on the Silphase YouTube channel.

As we learn more about the Siplase R1, we’ll publish it on the Post with the tag: R1.

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2 thoughts on “Silphase R1 videos and information about power and antenna ports

  1. Kris Partridge,

    “antenna F-type connector”. That’s a worry. The F-type has its origins in cable TV instals. Many factors, make once, make quick, instal once, leave installed/connected, do not disturb. Oh, and cheap and simple.!

    With an external antenna connection to a portable receiver, implied by the internal batteries, we are looking for reliability, sorry not we’ll get with an F-type.

    What should it be? BNC, TNC, SO-239 (aka ‘UHF’), N-Type. All these have their plus and minus factors. But they all win over the F-Type. When paying over EUR/USD 1000 for a radio I would hope for the best.

    73 de G8AUU & SO6AUU/9


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