Special VORW Radio International Broadcast To Europe & Asia This Weekend!

Hello readers! I am happy to announce that there will be a special broadcast of VORW Radio International this Saturday August 22nd with 300 kW of power for listeners in Europe and Asia!

The show will be broadcast live from Moosbrunn, Austria on 6070 kHz and will feature a fun hour of good music and commentary. I hope to take listener music requests as well!

Here is the broadcast schedule:

(LIVE) Saturday August 22nd at 1700 UTC (1 PM Eastern / 7 PM CEST) – 6070 kHz – Moosbrunn 300 kW – Europe & Asia

A QSL will be given to any and all listeners who submit reception reports. Feedback is most welcome at [email protected]

I hope you can tune in!

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2 thoughts on “Special VORW Radio International Broadcast To Europe & Asia This Weekend!

  1. Ronnie

    1700GMT is 3am in Melbourne where I live so I set up my trusty Sony ICF-2010 on 6070 and a timer on a cassette tape recorder. Next morning I was able to listen to the broadcast quite clearly apart from some local electrical power supplies noise that my QTH suffers from (I usually tune it down with a MFJ-1025 but of course I was asleep! The 300KW came in easily, SINPO 43343 but I could have improved that if I was awake and tuned to the lower sideband (a lot of splatter from huge signal I guess on 6080) and cancelled some of the noise.


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