Disabling transmit on the Icom IC-7300 or Kenwood TS-590 series transceivers?

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Muthu, who writes with the following inquiry after reading our Xiegu G90 review:

Very nice review. I have a question.

I’m preparing for a restricted ham license in Hong Kong and may try transmitting for a couple of months. However, in the long run I plan to use the rig just as a receiver mainly for shortwave broadcast listening once I return back to India next year.

I’m considering Icom IC-7300 or an almost new Kenwood TS 590-S[…].

You said that there is no way to completely disable the transmitter on the Xiegu G90. Is there a way to completely disable transmit on the Icom IC-7300 or Kenwood TS-590?

Thank you for your question, Muthu. My hope is that SWLing Post readers who own the IC-7300 and/or TS-590 series transceivers can confirm.

I only had the IC-7300 on loan a few weeks during my evaluation/review period. While I feel like I recall the ability to disable transmit (or perhaps lower the output power to 0 watts), I’m not sure if that also applies to the internal ATU. I have no clue if this is possible with the TS-590S as I’ve never spent meaningful time with this fine transceiver.

Post readers: If you own either of these transceivers and can you confirm if transmit can be disabled on the IC-7300 or TS-590? Please feel free to comment!

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26 thoughts on “Disabling transmit on the Icom IC-7300 or Kenwood TS-590 series transceivers?

  1. David Meyrick

    Hi, On the Icom 7300 you can set the User Band limits to stop transmission on each band.
    Set the upper limit to be the same as the lower limit and Tx will be inhibited.
    73 David

  2. Tha Dood

    I can tell you that the newer Kenwoods have a Transmit Inhibit ON / OFF in the Menus. On the TS-2000X that I have, it’s Menus #54. Yes, you can unplug the Mic, but disabling the TX in the menu setting will keep from an accidental transmit from happening if you were to hit the SEND, or Antenna Tuner buttons. Hope that helps.

  3. Justin

    I was looking for a way to completely disable the TX (to share an antenna ) on a IC-7300 and found this article. I didn’t get any answers saying “yes” but I just figured it out and yes it can be done.

    Press ‘Menu”, then press “Set”, then “Function” to bring up a menu starting with “Beep Level.” The fourth item down is “Band Edge Beep.” You want to set that to “ON (User) & TX Limit”

    Then once that is turned on, there will be a “User Band Edge” option in the Function menu. Under that select and delete all of the band edges. The radio will now not TX at all from any button on any band. To re-enable TX, change the “Band Edge Beep’ anything other than TX Limit. Don’t forget to save to the SD card before deleting the band edges or you might have to re-enter them.
    I was just disconnecting the mic until today but this way I’m a little more at ease now with the 7300 sharing an antenna with the HackRF. 73, Justin N2UJZ.

      1. Thomas Post author

        That does solve an accidental mic keying, but there are still the ATU and TUNE/XMIT buttons on the front panel. If those are hit by accident, it will transmit RF.

  4. Muthu

    Thanks a lot TC! This information certainly will help my decision. For some reasons, Kenwood sells only 590-S (actually I’m buying it second hand in mint condition) and not 590S SG. If 590 has this function, I’m sure 590-S will also have it. Thanks again! Muthu

  5. Muthu

    Thanks TC! This information certainly helps. For some reason, Kenwood sells only TS 590-S here at Hong Kong. I’m sure if 590 has this function, 590-S will also have it. thanks again! Muthu

    1. Thomas Post author

      I thought the IC-7300 could be lowered to 0 watts–thanks. Curious though, if that has any affect on the TUNE and ATU functions from the front panel. Sometimes those have their own transmit power parameters and can still be triggered. Sounds like the Kenwood can be completely disabled.

  6. Robert Richmond

    Perhaps looked into disabling transmit on the Xiegu G1M? It is QRP at 5w for CW+SSB on 80/40/20/15, plus general MW/SWL receive for 0.5-30MHz. I suspect the latest revision can be sourced new for like $200 to $225 in HK. I am not sure about the TX disable aspect, but otherwise it might offer a big cost savings in comparison.

    1. Muthu

      Thanks Robert! Yes, it’s big cost saving; will see iif the transmission can’be disabled completely in this model.


      1. Roman

        Sorry of my reply sound stupid, but will removing the microphone not render the rig RX only? There night be done legal reasons for you do disable the TX, but what if there is an emergency in you area?

        1. Thomas Post author

          Unplugging the microphone will prevent the mic from keying, but it doesn’t stop the XMIT/TUNE and ATU functions which are on the front panel.

        2. Muthu

          Thanks Roman! Thomas has replied for your suggestion. I earnestly hope that no such emergency occurs in my area. If it does, there is another ham within 1 km.

  7. TC

    The 590 (and 590SG) has a “TX INHIBIT” menu item. The 7300 does not have an equivalent menu item, but you may be able to prevent the radio from transmitting by applying -4 VDC to the ALC jack, making the radio think an amplifier is telling the radio to lower the power out to zero.

    1. Billy

      Just a warning about the transmit power setting on the 7300: the 0% setting isn’t accurate, it still emits. I’ve tested it with CW and was heard by RBN stations hundreds of miles away!


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