September radio news items from Hungary

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Balazs Kovacs, who shares the following headlines from Hungary:

Some Hungarian radio news from September, FM / online / DAB+

FM: The last independent radio station could be forced off airwaves

Online: RFE/RL Relaunches Operations In Hungary

DAB+: all DAB+ broadcasts in Hungary ceased (by 5th September)
(remark: it was always only a test broadcast with a few stations and only in Budapest)

A lot going on in Hungary! Thank you, Balazs!

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3 thoughts on “September radio news items from Hungary

  1. Daniel

    IMHO the use of DAB/DRM radio is starting to be quite useless. Everything is moving to or is already online. The internet providers are offering unlimited plans for better prices (in eastern Europe especially the plans are cheaper – but that’s because people purchasing power). I don’t see any reason of spending money on a DAB / DRM radio, when you can listen online worldwide almost every station, in high quality mode at every time.


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