Help Mark identify this radio in The New Avengers

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Mark Hirst, who writes with another mystery radio to identify:

This radio (see photo above) is featured in the mid 1970’s TV show ‘The New Avengers’, an episode called “To Catch a Rat”. Mysterious morse code messages are being intercepted in this scene.

Can you help Mark identify this radio model? Is it even a radio or is it simply a speaker? Please comment if you can ID this one!

I’ll add this post to our (massive) archive of radios in film.

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9 thoughts on “Help Mark identify this radio in The New Avengers

  1. Andrew

    Looking at the rig, it may be a tube CB radio, the panel resembles the ones from “Johnson Viking Messenger”, “Cobra CAM 88” and some “Sonar” brand radios, some of those old transceivers didn’t have a dial but just a rotary switch to select the quartz and set the “channel”, can’t identify it, but I believe that looking at some old CB transceiver pics (possibly the most used ones in UK) could allow identifying the rig

  2. Bob de K9CWP

    Looks like a “Hot water”HW Heathkit cabinet, but color is off, and early 60’s Olsun Electronics CB speaker grill and possibly knobs- not sure though.

  3. Michael Black

    There were crystal controlled SSB transceivers for commercial use. Not seen by hobbyists except as surplus.

    With no tuning knob and dial, and yes it looks like a speaker in the middle, I’d guess that.

    If it was voice, and no headphones, there were endless two way FM rigs.

    But tv and movies don’t have to be accurate. It could be something repurposed as a prop (so doesn’t have to be a radio) or a prop made up (Hammond, and I think LMB made cabinets styled like Collins and Healthkit rigs, so many people built accessories to match their commercial rigs).


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