New Tecsun PL-368 prototype on display at 2020 Shanghai International High-End Hi-Fi Expo

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Dan Robinson, who shares the following photos and short videos of a prototype Tecsun PL-368 at the 2020 Shanghai International High-End Hi-Fi Expo.

The PL-368 appears to be the updated and upgraded model of the Tecsun PL-360/PL-365 series.

Something I note immediately is the most welcome addition of a numeric keypad for direct frequency entry:

In addition, there’s a “Sync” button indicating the PL-368 will sport synchronous detection, hopefully, with USB/LSB selectable sideband.


Note, all of the following photos and video were shared by Benny in the Tecsun PL-880 group:


Dan also shared the following short videos (click links to view):

Many thanks to Benny for sharing these photos and videos from the Expo and thanks to Dan Robinson for sending them to us.

When we learn more about the PL-368, we’ll post details on the SWLing Post. Just follow the tag: PL-368

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18 thoughts on “New Tecsun PL-368 prototype on display at 2020 Shanghai International High-End Hi-Fi Expo

  1. Fritz

    Hello – are there any hidden functions on this device? If I press M (memory) when the device is switched off – what is displayed?

    1. Andrew

      I totally agree with your ideea of “real” batteries. I see that speaker is placed below compared to previous versions so there is small change the room for batteries.. Maybe they switched to AAA cells.

      1. Mike S

        If true, weird form factor aside, this could be a better option for MWDX than the PL-330, as it seems to accommodate the same outboard ferrite antenna assemblies as the PL-360/365.

      2. jaap

        Looking at display and buttons of the PL-368, it is very similar to the Tecsun PL-330. The only difference I spotted is that the PL-330 has a combined SSB/Sync button and the PL-368 has separate buttons for SSB and Sync. With the the PL-368 speaker configuration different from the PL-365, and operation very much alike PL-330 I’d expect Tecsun to re-use all PL-330 technology in the PL-368, including a BL-5C battery.

  2. Babis

    Thanks for the info … i got the pl-360 which is nice for a small pocket radio to carry around and have all the bands … the pl-368 is better with direct key pad looks great (for people want something very small)
    — > Wonder when Tecsun will start to make dab+ radios < —

    1. Mangosman

      “Wonder when Tecsun will start to make DAB+ radios?” Good question considering its widespread adoption in Europe and Australia. If they do that they should also add DRM because the digital signal processing is almost identical except for some firmware switching. The main difference is that DAB+ operates between 174 – 230 MHz where as DRM will operate in all the low, mid and high frequency bands that the analog version already tunes. They should also throw in 47 – 88 MHz to future proof it. India has DRM transmitters of up to 500 000 Watts on air now.

      1. Babis

        Tecsun is a well known company for radios & is behind at the digital part … on the other hand Chinese Sangean has already a good name at digital radios … while looks promising, not so sure for DRM & DMB (not in bad way) because looks like DAB+ is the one chosen future digital radio for many world wide countries … i do not know why & what criteria

  3. Gregory Mosher

    Oh that speaker grill on the 368 is a dead ringer for the one on the 1970’s era Panasonic R-1029 – my first Radio – a handheld AM Radio – got it for XMAS in 1974.


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