Tecsun PL-990 in stock again

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Jack Dully, who notes that the Tecsun PL-990X is back in stock at Anon-Co. Click here to check out their ordering page.

In addition, Tecsun Radios Australia is offering free shipping today (Friday 13, 2020).

If you’ve been considering purchasing the PL-990 or PL-990x, I’d encourage you to check out the following posts and reviews:

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5 thoughts on “Tecsun PL-990 in stock again

    1. Jens

      Problems regarding SSB/CW reception with the PL-990x :
      The PL-990x has a very high RF-sensitivity.
      At first I was thinking the PL-990x would have a faulth in the construction , because
      many demodulated SSB/CW signals have showing FM-effects … Thats why I made an reset ,
      but it gaves no solution of the problem .
      My test result is :
      On large – e.g. real amateur radio – antennas the PL-990x causes problems because of the strong signals (original voltage from the antenna) when demodulating SSB/CW strong FM effects happen because the PLL is simply “blown out” by high levels , the PLL starts working unstable !!!!
      The PL-990x is NOT designed for large antennas with very high signal levels in terms of dBµV !!! The more the signal level drops below 40 dBµV, the higher the S/N ratio and the demodulation is correct and clean without FM effects!
      For example, when using a G5RV antenna, I have e.g.achieved a
      3 dB attenuator in front of the PL-990x antenna input and the antenna switch of the PL-990x is NEVER in the “DX” position … but mostly in the “Norm” or even “Local” position. You could also open the PL-990x and put in an attenuator potentiometer.
      (1 k? to ground). On this occasion – when you have the unit open – you can also install a sensible and better antenna socket, e.g. an SMA socket.
      Then everything is wonderfully in order and the reception is excellent, for the most part even better than with my IC-7300 !!!!

      Ragards , Jens / HB9JOI

  1. Bob

    The PL-990 is way overpriced for a SW portable that is essentially a warmed over PL-880.

    I will probably go with the ATS-909X2 instead as I’ve had enough of being burned by poorly designed Chinese crap.

    1. Robert Richmond

      The ATS-909X2 is listed around $400 right now. o.0 At least through the Sangean Euro store.

      Unless you really want a traditional portable radio, the Airspy HF+ Discovery SDR can be sourced for well under $200 shipped. Add a basic $200 notebook if needed. Build a longwire antenna for a few dollars.


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