KMRT: “Your one stop shortwave shopping experience”

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Fastradioburst23, who shares the following announcement (originally posted on Reddit):

Please join us for the grand opening of KMRT, your one stop shortwave shopping experience! If frequency hopping has got you down, then park your dial in the aisles of 9395 kHz at 00:00 UTC Monday 1st February 2021. On KMRT we dare to sell you the muzak you’re already listening to, but just don’t know it yet, because these subliminal tunes have been beaming to you from our corporate headquarters for years! We also have the specially priced radio culture you’ll need to survive in the years to come.

A cavalcade of special guest hosts, including the Store Manager, alongside KMRT regulars breathlessly parade the goods you need and instant-compose new modern music classics as the show progresses from the meat market to the candy aisle, on down to the home goods section. And if you bring your kiddies along, we have a FREE toy they can download over the airwaves, if you get our special proprietary KMRT radio.

As the folks who installed our audio system told us, “Something as simple as a mallsofted music selection, and a bit of retro in-style vaporwave, along with choice library cuts, muzak and ‘happy buyer’ spatial oddities within a store can completely change a listeners radio shopping experience.”

We have ensured your that the sound levels will all be uniform and consistent, because a soundtrack not only creates a mood and experience within a store, but also creates a culture around the KMRT sound.

Love it! Thanks for sharing and we look forward to tuning in!

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4 thoughts on “KMRT: “Your one stop shortwave shopping experience”

  1. Marty

    I really enjoyed this show this evening. I was able to listen to about 30-35 minutes of it before 9395kHz petered out here at my location. Does anyone know if there is an email address for the show producers? I’d like to send them a thank you and a reception report.

  2. Lou

    No weird smells either!

    Worked at a Kmart for a whopping 3 months in the mid-90’s. I had never and still have never found a place that smelled like that Kmart.

    Old building with all of the associated smells combined with hot dogs from the snack bar/mini Little Caesars, old lady perfume, and a hint of ozone. It was such a bizarre place.


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