National Public Broadcasting Company of Ukraine resumes mediumwave broadcasting

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor,  Vlad (US7IGN), who writes:


I hasten to inform you the good news that Ukrainian radio resumes broadcasting on medium waves.

At a time when the whole world is curtailing broadcasting, a new station has appeared on the air!

From February 1, the National Public Television and Radio Company of Ukraine will resume broadcasting UA: Ukrainian radio in the medium-wave band on the frequency 549 KHz.

The medium-wave transmitter of UA: Ukrainian radio in the village of Luch, Mykolaiv region, with a capacity of 500 kW, covers most of the territory of Ukraine (during the day – 60% of the territory including the occupied territories, from evening to morning – the whole territory of Ukraine).

Brilliant news–many thanks for the tip, Vlad!

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4 thoughts on “National Public Broadcasting Company of Ukraine resumes mediumwave broadcasting

  1. US7IGN

    Nobody can count this. But keep in mind that this decision was more political in order to resist Russian propaganda, including in the occupied Crimea.

  2. Jake Brodsky, AB3A

    Radio gets through to areas where the internet is often censored or blocked entirely. This fact is often lost on those who decide where the Public Relations money should go.


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