Radio Northern Europe International Show #14

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Roseanna, with Radio Northern Europe International who shares the following announcement:

Hei alle,
RNEI show #14 is now on air complete with TIAEMS for February 2021!

February marks a year since the first RNEI broadcast on 6070 kHz, the 15th of February 2020 ?
To celebrate this we are starting the show with an acoustic version of the first song we played on RNEI followed by music like:

 A cute song from Beni Holm
• More great songs from Vionavega, BEHM and ISÁK
• Our second ever song from Estonia ??
• One of my favourite dance songs for the data section from LOKE

The extras for this show are:
 An MFSK 64 Song playlist embedded into the final song for all Editions of the show.
 HamDRM with our Animated HTML Playlist for WRMI, Onda and Channel 292 versions.
 Comb Stereo encoding for all Shortwave broadcasts compatible with any radio, for more information please see
 30 minutes of calming music on the WRMI edition to fill the extra time, hopefully you don’t fall asleep haha!

You can find our full up to date frequency schedule here: (

Can’t tune into a radio or just want the music without the extras? We also have Spotify Playlists of all of our broadcasts available here: RNEI Spotify Profle

We thought we’d give a little shout-out, in the form of a map, for all of our listeners around the world, we love you all ?


Wishing you lovely listeners all the best for February,
– Roseanna

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