The Signal Corps BC-348-Q: A perfect cold winter night companion

Not much to say here other than it’s cold outside, but the BC-348 is keeping me warm inside. There are few radios in my collection I love more than this one.

She’s built like a tank and warms my shack and my soul!

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8 thoughts on “The Signal Corps BC-348-Q: A perfect cold winter night companion

  1. Shama Sunder

    Had used BC348 when I first got my license (1973) with an
    SL100 QRP CW TX (Xtal controlled)running 500 milliwatts.


  2. Robert Richmond

    It is rarely used, but I hold on to my National NC-125 with matching speaker for whatever reasons; probably nostalgia and sentimentality for the earlier days of radio even though the receiver is about three decades older than me. Usually it is parked on a regional AM station.

  3. 13dka

    In cold winter nights, happiness is a warm radio, not only for cats. 🙂 The sound, the smell, the warm light of an analog dial, what’s not to love? The BC-348 has a paricular charme to it and I wish I had the space and all that…

    …but then I think I’d fancy a much less charming and maybe even a bit scary radio (if it has to be from that era), this quite elusive little example of what the enemy was using:

    Mind you, this is the simplified E52b version. What has been removed to simplify the E52a can be seen in action in in this video:

    I just saw that video and that function in action for the first time and my yaw instantly dropped on my laptop’s keyboard!

  4. Satyan

    My first ham radio set-up was BC348 RX and a single 807 bottle with AM modulation. During the many qth changes it was lost, but I miss it a lot now. Still hoping to get one in good working condition.


  5. Nucornhusker

    I still have my Q and N versions along with military speakers. They still work and are super sensitive receivers from 1942 Wells Gardner CO.


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