Video: Thomas (N1SPY) takes a look at a “Future QST” magazine dated April 2041

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Ivan Cholakov, who writes:

Hello Thomas,

Something entertaining – Thomas, N1SPY got his hands on a QST Magazine dated April 2041 if you can believe it! So he shared some of the stories in the magazine in a video and also attached the magazine to this email. I found some of the ideas in the magazine very entertaining.

There is also a story specifically regarding the golden years of shortwave listening – I really wish the “real” shortwave archive described in the magazine becomes reality one day!

The introductory video is here and the pdf magazine is attached.

Click here to download the “2041 QST” as a PDF (6.4 MB).

This is hilarious! Thank you for sharing Ivan and Thomas!

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3 thoughts on “Video: Thomas (N1SPY) takes a look at a “Future QST” magazine dated April 2041

  1. 13dka

    Ha! This is gold! 🙂

    Some future short news:

    – The SYOFLP (Smell Your Own Farts* Long Path) challenge, an extension of the 1W pulse contest where you have to spot your own signal making it around the globe, then you need to send yourself a QSL card. Points will be counted in 2052 to allow for minor USPS delays.
    *Feeble Amateur Radio Transmissions on Shortwave

    – New quantum disentanglement technologys to solve the century-old problem of hams hitting the PTT at the exact same time, talking on top of each other and then letting go at the exact same time…3 times in a row, then turning off the radio in disappointment because “there’s noone on air to yell at anymore”.

    – The new FARC-8000 digimode: Entirely operates itself including buying and putting up a station, making and confirming 10 contacts to other FARC-8000 stations, then selling itself on eBay.

    – Results of the 2041 ham radio controlled Mars rover race: SM0W (Team Husqvarna Space) beats LA0WN (Yaecomwood-Ryobi), BA0FNG (Wouxun-Zhejiang) disqualified for missing pilot license.

    – K4SWL’s 1,000,000th POTA activation (Apollo landing site memorial park, Sea of Tranquility, Moon) – K4SWL enjoys space suit: “Finally an appropriate transport case for the operator!”

    – AMSAT-DL to bounce signals off the edge of the universe while ordering pizza at the restaurant located there (according to galaxy guide D. Adams). AMSAT-DL hopes the pizza arrives more than 30 min. later than the bounced signal to reduce costs.

    (You can’t say I didn’t try!) 🙂

  2. RF Burns

    AS I see it, the future QST will have the same articles they have had for at least the past decade – what is a balun, is 1.5 SWR bad, explain how i cut a dipole, how to use APRS at a bike race!!!

    Hey ARRL how about quality technical articles.


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