A new Belka-DX DSP Speaker from Mobimax

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Markku (VA3MK), who shares a link to this new Belka-DX speaker option from Mobimax:

This speaker option is similar to the one we featured a few months ago, but keeps the larger 2200 mAh battery pack and has fold-out legs. The compromise is the case will be a bit thicker/deeper than the speaker option without the larger battery and fold-out feet.

We’re talking about a pretty small radio, though, so I think this will be another great option for the excellent little Belka-DX.

I will plan to check out one of these in the near future.

Thank you for the tip, Markku!

Click here to check out this product at Mobimax.

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9 thoughts on “A new Belka-DX DSP Speaker from Mobimax

  1. Rob

    Seems there’s an entire cottage industry now surrounding this great receiver! A really interesting alternative to the one sold by Alex at Belrig. A little pricey though.

    1. chipbutty

      And the redesigned case with the stand. Clever design but I agree it’s a little pricey. The speaker kit option from Alex at Belrig is more affordable. The downside is a smaller battery. Not a big deal for me as the battery life is still good.

    2. JMMHam

      Hi Mike
      When you touch this product and hear how it sounds, I’m sure you’ll understand what quality is without compromise.
      The product is for connoisseurs!

      1. chipbutty

        I assumed Mike was referring to the Mobimax speaker/stand. I agree with you regarding the receiver itself. Absolutely the best price to performance ratio of any portable radio out there in my opinion.

        1. Mike

          Chipbutty, Correct.

          The DX & DSP (I own both) are awesome little portable radios. This speaker upgrade, in my opinion is not worth the asking price. Let’s do the math.

          Mobimax is charging 150 Euros for the DX so that’s 175 USD
          Mobimax is charging $75 for the speaker upgrade.

          Good luck.

  2. Dan Robinson

    The battery solutions for the Belka continue to get better and better. One would hope that at some point, the receiver is upgraded to include coverage down through mediumwave.


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