“How To Make a Cheap Receiving Outfit”

Our friends over at the SolderSmoke Daily News recently posted this fun piece from a January 1921 issue of Radio News:

This is great! I’ve often thought a proper ground needed daily watering. And we know it must work: Mars is some serious DX!  Professor Nutty T. Wyrlus was way ahead of his time.

Click here to check out the original post at the SolderSmoke Daily News.

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3 thoughts on ““How To Make a Cheap Receiving Outfit”

  1. John

    For those who haven’t experienced it, listening to your first station with a totally passive crystal set is really magical. I never got Mars though!

  2. Desmond Walsh

    Reminds me of the time long ago , about 50 years (!) as an enthusiastic SWL I wanted better reception on a Pye 39/JH ( ?) multiband up-market receiver with excellent bandspread . So with a crocodile clip I connected the receiver to a telephone wire close by. Result excellent reception .
    For a while . About a week later a knock on the door revealed the postman standing there . I was requested to remove the connection to the telephone wire immediately . Strange voices and noise were being heard at the exchange end ! Back to climbing the local trees then .
    Des Walsh EI5CD


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