Alan Roe’s A21 season guide to music on shortwave

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Alan Roe, who shares his latest A21 season guide to music on shortwave.

Click here to download as a PDF.

Note that we’ve created a permanent page for Alan Roe’s guides!

This page will always have the latest version of Alan’s guide.

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11 thoughts on “Alan Roe’s A21 season guide to music on shortwave

    1. Alan Roe


      All times/days are in strict UTC format. The three-letter abbreviations after some frequencies (eg-rmi or -nau, etc) denote transmitter sites, where I think that it will be helpful. The abbreviations used are the same as used in the latest WRTH publication.

      Hope that helps


      1. nuraman00

        Thanks. A few more questions:

        1) What do these dates signify?

        5960-nau (-18 Apr and 5 Sep-)
        9925-nau (25 Apr- 29 Aug)

        Do you mean that from September 5 – April 18, 5960 is used, and from April 25 – August 29, 9925 is used?


        I have a Tecsun PL-600.

        I am on the west coast in California.

        I tried 7490 kHz for the Isle Of Music a few different weeks. I can’t get reception.

        I tried 7570 kHz for the Virtual Dance Party Request Party Thingy in March.

        I got it for about 20 mins, then I stopped getting reception. I never got it back.

        I had to use the online stream.

        Is this normal, to have this much trouble with SW stations?

        Or what can I do to get better reception inside my house?

        From your list, what do you think I have the best chance of receiving?


        From your list, I will try 5055 soon since it’s daily.

        Is 9395 every Monday, or only around the holidays? I might try that in a few hours.

        1. Alan Roe

          Thank you for your continued interest. in reply to your questions;
          1) The time notation against a frequency means that frequency is scheduled as follows: “-18 Apr” means “until 18 April” and “5 Sep-” means “from 5 September onwards, until end of A-21 broadcast season”, whilst “25 Apr- 29 Aug” means “from 25 April until 29 Aug”
          2) Reception of any shortwave frequency will depend on so many variables, including time of day for that frequency, power of transmitter and antenna direction, your own receiver and antenna and shortwave propagation that day and reception conditions will vary day-by-day
          3) For 9395, are you referring to the “” programme – that is indeed scheduled every Monday.
          Hope that the above helps

          1. nuraman00

            Thank you for your prompt answers. I appreciate it.

            Yes, I was referring to that “Countdown2.Christmas” program.

            Is there a program you think I have a better chance of receiving, on my Tecsun PL-600, given that I am in California on the west coast?

            Something that’s in English.

            Ideally something between 1700 – 0700 UTC, which corresponds to 10AM – 12 midnight PST.

            Once I know I can regularly and more clearly receive something, then I can try to find something specific to my tastes. But for now, I just want to be able to know that I can receive something in reasonable quality.

          2. Alan Roe

            I’m in the UK, so not best placed to advise – maybe someone in California can help?

  1. Michael Meyer

    I also say thank you!

    Another source of music is China Radio International’s non-english broadcasts.

    Same also applies to Voice of Korea – their non-english broadcasts often have classical music.

    Best regards, Michael from Denmark

    1. Alan

      Thank you Michael. I keep intending to spend time identifying music slots in further CRI non-English broadcasts. Same with V of Korea (both English & non-English). I’ll try and include some more in the next update. In the meantime, I’d be happy to hear of any suggestions for further inclusions that you or anyone has (ideally with approximate start/end times within the respective broadcasts). Thanks for your interest and support.

  2. Roger Fitzharris

    Hello Alan,
    Thank you once again for this seasonal gift.
    Downloaded and printed – readily available next to to my Tecsun PL-880 here at my SW Ohio listening post. Thanks to you – much appreciated and never taken for granted.
    Cheers and 73


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