Giuseppe is impressed with the performance of his homebrew passive loop antenna

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Giuseppe Morlè (IZ0GZW), who shares the following:

Dear Thomas, I’m Giuseppe Morlè from central Italy, the Tyrrhenian Sea, Formia.

Today I tested my noise canceling loop inside the radio station by comparing it to the crossed loops. Again, like my medium wave T Ferrite, this loop proved to be very quiet, practically immune to house noise.

You can see my two videos about listening to the Voice of Turkey and a QSO on 40m. between radio amateurs–a test with two different powers, one high in AM and another much lower among radio amateurs.

Here are the videos from my YouTube channel:

Click here to view on YouTube.

Click here to view on YouTube.

A nice result knowing that we are receiving inside my radio station. The homebrew NCPL antenna you encouraged me to build is truly amazing.

Best wishes to you and the SWLing Post community.

73 by Giuseppe Morlè IZ0GZW.

Thank you so much for taking the time to share your thoughts and these videos with us, Giuseppe. It is very encouraging that we have some antenna options that help us cope with all of the RFI generated within our homes! Thank you again!

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3 thoughts on “Giuseppe is impressed with the performance of his homebrew passive loop antenna

  1. Joshuah Rainstar

    I have built many NCPL and as of this moment have a design based on a mini circuits miniature transformer which is affordable and easy to build and gives as good or better gain than the youloop product. You choose the transformer yourself from one of three different models by mini-circuits in order to get the “better” characteristic.

    However, “quiet” does not mean “strong reception”. You will always get stronger signals with an ordinary wire loop. I am working on a noise canceling loop design based on graphite which promises to have much higher signal and lower noise over the entire frequency range, so stay tuned for that. When I have a prototype made and working test results that verify the research conducted by ORNL and USAF researchers can be applied to a small magnetic loop antenna from DC-30MHZ, I will post information about it to the loop-antennas mailing list.

  2. TomL

    You have some nice loop antennas, I love loop antennas! The noise cancelling loop looks similar in design to the popular YouLoop from Airspy and certainly seems much quieter than the dual-loop design. Thank you for the demonstration.


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