A Super-Charged Solar Cycle 25?!

There’s an interesting post from spaceweather.com about two scientists who believe they have found evidence of solar activity which might indicate a super-cycle rivaling the best solar cycles ever recorded. (I, for one, would be thrilled for this since the last such super-cycle seems to have been before I was born, and that was a real long time ago!)

Here’s the link to the article at spaceweather.com:

The Termination Event


Robert Gulley, K4PKM (formerly AK3Q), is the author of this post and a regular contributor to the SWLing Post. 

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5 thoughts on “A Super-Charged Solar Cycle 25?!

  1. Tim Marecki

    Any encouraging news is welcome here! The last really great DX reception for me was in 1982.That year yielded great reception of Pacific, as well as African stations. 49 and 60 meters were fantastic during the summer! I was using a Panasonic RF-2600 with a 40 foot outside inverted-L antenna. My DX post was in St. Petersburg, Florida (West-Central Florida).

  2. Alexander, DL4NO

    The article has its weaknesses. For example magnetic fields are not “charged”: They have a direction and a field strength. Electrostatic fields appear when a magnetic field is changed – in strength, in direction etc. You should know your Maxwell equations!


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