Greg’s Uniden stand works perfectly with the Belka-DX

Belka-DX StandMany thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Greg Hathaway, who writes:

Hi there –

I bought a Belka-DX recently and am really enjoying it! The stand from my Uniden Home Patrol 1 scanner works great with it. The stand is sold separately by Uniden for those who may be interested.

Greg Hathaway

Thank you for sharing this, Greg. You’re right: that little Uniden stand fits the Belka perfectly!

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8 thoughts on “Greg’s Uniden stand works perfectly with the Belka-DX

  1. Mike Wolfson

    I bought a small folding easel from a craft store and use it for a radio stand. The ones I’ve seen are bent heavy gauge plastic coated wire. Libraries use them to hold books for book displays. That’s where I first saw them. They come in different sizes and only cost a couple of bucks. Since they fold fairly flat they’re easy to pack for travel use

  2. JonM

    Has anyone designed a hand-held high gain directional antenna for the Belka so it can be carried outside to help locate RFI sources?

  3. Hal

    Thanks for posting this. I also have a Belka-DX, great little radio. I decided to order one of the Uniden stands as well. I have a question for you, my Belka-DX does NOT say ” HAM Tactical RCVR ” on the top of the LCD screen. Did you do that, or did it come from the Belka people ? Just curious, as I like that.


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