Greg’s Uniden stand works perfectly with the Belka-DX

Belka-DX StandMany thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Greg Hathaway, who writes:

Hi there –

I bought a Belka-DX recently and am really enjoying it! The stand from my Uniden Home Patrol 1 scanner works great with it. The stand is sold separately by Uniden for those who may be interested.

Greg Hathaway

Thank you for sharing this, Greg. You’re right: that little Uniden stand fits the Belka perfectly!

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9 thoughts on “Greg’s Uniden stand works perfectly with the Belka-DX

  1. LZ4UL

    Hello Hal
    This modification of the receiver is offered by Mobimax
    The introduced improvements in the receiver are: Protector for the LCD display made of thick tempered glass with the inscription HAM tactical VRC, the operating buttons are made of durable silicone rubber and the receiver is equipped with a powerful 40mm 3W speaker with stylish & ergonomic “click-into-place” legs. Large battery pack 2500mAh

  2. Mike Wolfson

    I bought a small folding easel from a craft store and use it for a radio stand. The ones I’ve seen are bent heavy gauge plastic coated wire. Libraries use them to hold books for book displays. That’s where I first saw them. They come in different sizes and only cost a couple of bucks. Since they fold fairly flat they’re easy to pack for travel use

  3. JonM

    Has anyone designed a hand-held high gain directional antenna for the Belka so it can be carried outside to help locate RFI sources?

  4. Hal

    Thanks for posting this. I also have a Belka-DX, great little radio. I decided to order one of the Uniden stands as well. I have a question for you, my Belka-DX does NOT say ” HAM Tactical RCVR ” on the top of the LCD screen. Did you do that, or did it come from the Belka people ? Just curious, as I like that.


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