One thought on “WSFR (Swiss Family Robinson) broadcast August 15, 2021 via WRMI

  1. Fastburstradio23

    Thanks Thomas!

    …prepare to settle in to you desert island! We’ve brought a lot of desert island discs for this broadcast…

    Coming to you like a tropical breeze blown in on the ionosphere, here comes WSFR. Smell the pineapples and breathe in deeply of the salt air. Taste the sun tan lotion and hear the exotic sounds brought to you brought to you by an emergency homebrewed coconut radio. See the sun drenched beaches laced with seaweed and peppered with surfer girls and boys riding the shortwaves. Feel the stress of this workaday world release as the soothing sounds and songs of a pacific paradise work their way into your mind via your receiver set.

    & in the meantime, keep your batteries charged & your aerials up!

    [Besides our August transmission noted above this program will also broadcast in September on the 5th and 12th at 1100 utc on 9670 kHz.]


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