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Turning those clocks back again

It’s another week gone again and I’m FastRadioBurst 23 from the Imaginary Stations crew letting you know about this week’s shows. The first  broadcast is to Europe via Shortwave Gold on Sunday 24th March 2024 at 1000/1400 hrs UTC on 6160 kHz and then at 2100 UTC on 3975 kHz. This time we turn the clocks back for a bit of time anomaly broadcasting with KTAB. We’re talking old time business with some real oldies but goodies. It’s all about the power of the wireless. Tune in and go way back into time with us.

On Thursday 28th March via WRMI we have a dreamy paradise lost of a show called WSFR – Lost Island Radio at 0200 UTC on 9395 kHz. Get those bags packed and that passport at the ready as you are going to be transported to a dreamy destination far far away.

Don’t worry, you won’t be marooned as we will bring you back safely to your armchair after the hour concludes. Tune into WRMI at the alloted time (Do give yourself enough time to check in and settle down of course) for some paradise island classics.

For more information on the shows please email [email protected] and check out our old shows here.

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Imaginary shortwave stations this weekend

Hi all, Fastradioburst23 here letting you know about a the Imaginary Stations schedule on the shortwaves this Sunday 30th July 2023. The first show will be  beamed to Europe via the services of Shortwave Gold in Germany at 2000 utc on 6160 khz and will be the debut of Skybird Radio International. Expect tunes in a global style.

Then later at 2200 hrs UTC on 9395 kHz  via WRMI is WSFR (Swiss Family Robinson/Lost Island Radio). Imagine you’re listening to the portable on a deserted island of your choice with all amenities provided. Tune in and let the imagination flow.

For more information on the shows email Imaginarystations (at) gmail (dot) com

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