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Transmitting through those short waves

Hi SWLing Post Community, FastRadioBurst 23 bringing you news of this week’s Imaginary Stations related broadcasts this Sunday 17th September 2023. At 2000 hrs UTC on 3975 & 6160 kHz we have DJ Frederick’s Shortwave Music Library where he picks out some choice classics and rarities not usually aired heard over the wireless. Expect all sorts of eclectic stuff.

Talking of wireless, at 2200 hrs UTC on 9395 kHz  via WRMI the Imaginary Stations crew bring you WTAB. A trip back in time where trebly voices and music flowed through horn type loudspeakers and when it got too loud a spare sock would dampen the sound. The days when radio stations always kept a box of rose thorns as back up needles for their gramophones too! Expect some old tunes from way back in the day!

For more information on the shows please email [email protected] and check out our old shows here.

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A case of WTAB déjà vu

Apologies to everyone in SWLing Post land who tuned into WRMI to listen to WTAB last Sunday, it turns out due to technical difficulties there was a bit of a mix up but it’s all sorted now. WTAB will be “Transmitting by the magic of wireless” on 9395 kHz at 2200 utc on Sunday 14th August 2022. Fastradioburst23 

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More shortwave time travelling

Hi everyone to everyone in SWLing Post land, this Sunday we’ve another old-time treat for you thanks to the good folks at WRMI. WTAB will be “Transmitting by the magic of wireless” on 9395 kHz at 2200 utc on Sunday 7th August 2022.

Like last week’s KTAB, the show will feature music from yesteryear and as the flyer says “It’s not just a different letter, it’s a different time…” Tune in for more shortwave time travelling! Fastradioburst23 

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Recordings of WTAB

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Fastradioburst23, who shares the following recording:

This is the studio version of the WTAB transmission that went out on 9395 kHz at 00:00 UTC Monday 15th February 2021 (repeated on the same frequency and time on Monday 22nd February).

Below is a great clip of the transmission caught on a Yaesu FTdx3000 with a 80 meter horizontal loop at 60 feet at Parksville, Vancouver Island, BC

Many thanks for sharing these recordings!

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