“Reciva Gateway not responding”

Many thanks to a number of SWLing Post readers who’ve informed me that their Reciva-based WiFi radios may be on their last legs.

I’ve gotten a number of messages from WiFi radio owners who note that when they try to tune to a WiFi radio station, their radio now displays the following message:

“Reciva Gateway not responding”

Reciva originally announced that their services would close permanently on January 31, 2021. That date was then pushed out to April 30, 2021, after pressure from WiFi radio manufactures like C.Crane and Grace Audio.

April 30th came and went, though, and there was no change. Many here have been commenting since that date feeling pretty happy their radios were still working.

It appears that at some point on September 13th or 14th, 2021, the service finally shut down.

Many WiFi radio owners performed a hack on their radios which essentially circumventing the Reciva aggregator before the announced closure on April 30, 2021. Later, we learned that radios with Reciva chips might require a periodic token refresh to keep the radio functioning properly. Contacts within the industry confirmed the use of a token system, however no one verified that it would effectively brick-up a radio post-Reciva.

SWLing Post contributor, Mark, wrote this morning noting that he had not completed the Reciva server workaround and had received the “Reciva Gateway not responding” message. He added:

After playing around with my CCWiFi2 I’m noticing odd behavior now that the Reciva Gateway is down.

The volume control is much slower to respond to volume setting changes as compared to normal. Additionally, and more importantly, it seems the presets might re-assign themselves to different buttons; I have lost two of them already.

I think it wise to operate the radio slowly and carefully. It might be best to avoid making quick preset selections and wait for the preset to load completely until another preset is selected.

Generally, the radio seems to be operating slower than normal; that’s the feeling I am having with mine.

Thanks for the feedback, Mark.

Reciva radio owners: please share your experience here in the comments section.

We’re particularly interested if those who performed the Reciva server workaround are still able to use their radios moving forward.

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66 thoughts on ““Reciva Gateway not responding”

  1. TheZ

    I use the nice audio section of my Sangean WFR20 with the CCWIFI3. The CCWIFI is Skytunes based but why can’t Skytunes get the server from Qualcom & get RECIVA back on line? Am I missing something?

  2. Steve

    I don’t have a solution to the Reciva issue, but a suggestion that is a cheap and workable alternative to throwing your radios away. I have an Echo Flex that I bought for $15 that I plugged into the aux port on my Mondo. The flex is the tiny Echo with a crappy speaker, but it puts out good sound plugged in to an external speaker, and it plays the stations I want. I realize that I’m just suggesting using the Mondo as a speaker, but the Mondo has a sound that suits me perfectly, so at least I still have that.

  3. Mark

    The following comments apply to the CCWiFi2 with firmware: v266-a-113-a-547

    As expected, now that the Reciva Gateway is down the presets continue to work. However, unusual behavior of my radio will most likely cause it to be discarded anyway.

    After the loss of two presets on the evening of 13. September I attempted to replace them the following morning. It was then I discovered that the Reciva Gateway was down and most likely it was down permanently.

    It is conjecture that the two presets were lost due to the Reciva Gateway being inaccessible; however, the radio now displays unusual behavior that was never experienced in its service life. I am happy to report that this radio had provided flawless operation since the day it was first used.

    Although, I did have an additional loss of two more presets which might be due to the absence of the Gateway. While checking my presets I may have selected them without allowing them to properly load and in the process changed the assigned preset. In other words, two presets now had the same station. In no case were the buttons pressed for the required time to assign a preset to the station.

    Then, on the evening of 14. September I noticed that the radio rebooted; I suspected a brief power loss. Yet, when rebooting became a regular occurrence I realized that it was a behavior associated with the loss of the Gateway. The radio would spontaneously provide intermittent audio followed with; Loading…., Initializing network, then re-connect to the router with the preset loading normally. Sometimes, rarely, it would display momentarily, Not connected to the Internet, while the preset played.

    There was no discernible pattern to the reboot events. At times they would be separated by hours while other times the reboots would occur four times in a row and ten minutes apart; an hour to thirty minutes separation might be considered typical. The radio was relocated to within ten feet of the router for the tests.

    Needless to say the time it takes for rebooting is an annoyance and becomes unacceptably long especially when critically listening to news broadcasts…

    There are other times that the radio would go to and hang-up. Pressing a preset was the most convenient method of returning the radio to normal.

    Another oddity observed is with the volume control; dial and remote. Occasionally, when changing the audio level nothing would happen. Then, five seconds later, the change to the audio level would occur with the bar graph display indicating it. On separate occasions I was able to quickly increase and decrease the audio levels three or four times with no result. Then, after the delay, there would be a quick succession of volume changes with corresponding changes indicated on the bar graph. I have never observed that behavior in the past.

    While the volume control oddity might be difficult to explain, the continuous rebooting of the radio may be an attempt to reconnect with the missing Reciva Gateway and most likely nothing can be done about it.

    I have made an attempt to follow the reports of other users of the CCWiFi2 now that the Reciva Gateway is down; I have not read of similar observations.

    It would be interesting for users who have observations of unusually operating radios to post them and be sure to provide the firmware number to help sort it out.

    1. Rob

      Hello Mark-
      Did you try the “Back – Back” suggestion in the post dated on September 17th? Even though the discussion is about the CCrane WIFI1, that may still be applicable to you. The CCrane WIFI2 was a TuneIn based internet radio, not Receiva. It’s possible however that your firmware version does not allow the posted suggestion. I wish you luck.

      1. Mark

        Hello Rob,

        The following comments apply to the CCWiFi2 with firmware: v266-a-113-a-547

        Thank you for your suggestion. However, the only way I can get the message “Reciva Gateway not responding” is when I go to “Stations” then attempt to load them; then the display so indicates. If I press the “back” button it will only revert to “Stations” then stop; it will not do anything with the second pressing of the “back” button. The only convenient method to return the radio to normal is to press a preset which loads and plays.

        To be clear, I only get the “Reciva Gateway not responding” message when I attempt to load “Stations”.

        The receiver boots up normally and starts with the last preset selected. The only way I am alerted to any issues is when the radio reboots again and again or when it goes to “stations” and hangs up requiring me to select a preset to return it to normal; then of course there is the volume control issue.

        Your comment regarding the firmware number is on the mark… There appears to be a wide range of firmware numbers of the embedded Barracuda Internet Receiver Modules designed by Reciva that were used in the production of the many different brands of Reciva based internet radios. Why this was I do not know for sure. Yet, I am led to believe the Samsung chip-set were the same.

        This may be an important point for those who wish to “Sharpfin” their radios; make sure that it can be successfully modified in the first place; check: https://tinyurl.com/ycb6hstd .

        I know there are people that can explain these mysteries; they should post what they know. For instance, that engineer at Qualcomm that kept Reciva going during its latter days.

  4. Joe in KY

    I can’t find the original post, but KUDO’s to the gentleman that posted the Back | Back workaround for the Crane CC-WiFi1 radio.

    I have a new CC-WiFi3 replacement from Crane but really didn’t want to lose functionality of that radio if possible so tried it last night after reading his comments.


    Not sure for how long (especially if the lurking Token bomb hits), but the Wife & I enjoyed listening to our All-News (white-noise for when you can’t sleep) Radio Station last night for the first time in over a week.

    Thanks to him + also this forum for providing insights into keeping my cherished radio alive for a little bit longer…

  5. jose fauda

    I own 2 radios that use reciva server. I lost most of the radio stations. I only keep some that were preser mut not all of them. One of them losses its internet connection very frequently. I mean every couple of hours or so. Volume knob is pretty slow and changing to another preset station is extrelely slow and it doesn’a always work. Albeit the second one gets only access to few stations as in the first one, it works not so bad. Lost of wifi connection also happens but 3 or 4 times a day only. Both are in the same net. I swapped both to see whether it was related to the location but it is not, it’s related to the device. Both are the same model (Mondo by Grace digital , model GDI-IRC6000) and both were purchased at the same time.

  6. Adam Appleton

    I have 5 Grace Digital internet radios (Solo, Tuners, and Primo). They have been great devices. Since I heard of the Reciva shutdown I’ve been transitioning to Raspberry Pi 4’s with a Apple USB-C headphone adapter DAC ($10) running MoOde Audio, which is great, but the Grace Digital’s definitely have the appeal of high WAF since all you need to do is press a button to listen to radio instead of messing around with apps on your phone, so I’d like to keep them running as long as possible.
    Knowing the Reciva end was near I set up all radio presets to point to m3u files on a local web server. This has worked great. Once Reciva finally shut down, the Solo and Tuner radios really didn’t act any differently. Great! But, the Primo wasn’t happy. The Primo would keep trying to reconnect to wifi periodically, would say no internet, lock up, etc. A power cycle would get it back to a state where I could listen to presets, but eventually it would get into a bad state again.
    I found a post (https://swling.com/blog/2021/03/how-to-give-your-reciva-wifi-radio-a-second-life-before-the-service-closes-on-april-30-2021/#comment-673757) that suggested intercepting DNS requests to the domains: reciva.com and 7803986842.com and returning as well as redirecting requests to ntp.reciva.com (the time server) to a valid public ntp server (I used google’s at After making these changes on my router, the Primo seems to be happy and operating normally. This fix might be helpful for other radios that are having difficulty after the shutdown.
    This seems to have fixed the Reciva shutdown problems on my devices. I’m hoping they operate indefinitely like this, but I’m still afraid that they might eventually brick due to not being able to get a token from Reciva, but this is unknown. Time will tell. I’m also hoping that the hacking community comes up with custom firmware for these devices to extend their usefulness.

  7. Maroschekstephan

    …my set is a Tangent Quattro…first problem was with changing speed on OE1 to 192k on the stream. I contacted ORF and they contacted RECIVA. First few weeks there was no way…then someone from ORF got hold of RECIVA. ORF started providing 128k stream again, RECIVA enabled an update, since then it worked…till today. Today I went back and forth on the radio, giving me only “RECIVA NOT RESPONDING…”Switching all off, putting in codes again for several times and pressing buttons it just responded at some point…and works again!
    Lucky me!…lucky you too!

  8. Constance Kretschmer

    Same problem. Receiva gateway not responding. I did not get the memo that this service was shutting down. I have 3 CCrane wifi radios and use them all the time. What now?

  9. Jordan

    My CC Wifi gave up around Sept 16th — endlessly “Connecting”. I can still access stations with the three on-unit “memory” buttons but that’s it.

    I paid the equivalent of about US$30 for it, and using it for the upgrade discount wasn’t really worth it (CCrane’s cost and shipping to Canada would be exorbitant), so I will likely take it apart and use the guts (encoder wheel, buttons, display) for some other project.

  10. E.P.M. Doves

    I have an DNT internettuner, working with Rectiva.
    Since today Rectiva Gateway does not work anymore so I can’t use my internet tuner anymore.
    The message I get on my tunerr is: Network failure: Rectiva Gateway not responding.My internet works well but I can nopt use my internetradiotuner anymore.
    My provider can not give me support when Rectiva Gateway is not responding.
    How can I activate my DNT internet tuner again ??

    1. Bernd Folkmann

      I also have a DNT internet tuner; with the “Back/Back” method I at least am able to use my preset internet stations. See mey comment of September, 19.

  11. mike

    I have a CC-Wifi and a Grace Di9gital. Both now dead because of Reciva.

    The Back-Back trick doesn’t work for me, nor presets. But both still find and use my UPnP servers and can at least stream that content.

    I sure hope somebody sorts out a hack to repurpose these things.


  12. Bruce B

    Thick as a Brick on September 19 (happy talk-like-a-pirate day). I tried the “back, back” fix to no avail. However, I’ve been needing some speakers over my workbench, so I have attached the WRF-20 to an old Apple Air Port puck, and now I can play Jethro Tull using two obsolete devices. The thing I always liked about the WFR 20 was the look of the radio and fact that the power transformer was internal. Plastic, but solid, heavy black. As I stared at it, I found myself wondering if I could find a display that would fit to hook up to a Raspberry Pi, and some way to connect to the center button. I will let someone else figure that out. Life is too short.

  13. Bernd Folkmann

    Sometimes it’s worth to explore the internet looking for some good ideas to solve a problem!
    I own an rather old dnt ipdio Reciva receiver, connected to my old Hifi set, in order to expand its functionality for LAN and Internet.
    I found this page and it turned out to be extremely helpful due to the Back/Back hint! I thought I have to fall back to my lokal FM stations; but now I am at least able to tune to my preset internet stations.
    Thanks so much!

  14. Leon

    I Have OXX Digital Alto powered by Reciva.
    Unfortunately, i did not get any notification from Reciva, and only when i started to search as i was having issues did i see the post.
    My unit was still playing my personal list, but i was getting abnormal long break in the streams and unresponsive menu.
    I manage to install Sharpfin – https://github.com/jisotalo/reciva-radio-patching
    Now i need to try and get my local stations working again – South Africa
    It seems that most local streaming stations use a strange streaming format where the stream has an “index” number in the beginning of the stream that change every time there is a new song…

    1. Timothy B. Gunter

      I went through the procedure working with my old wifi radio and that was fine, but I don’t trust the .exe file they want me to download to my computer. I still fear that this is malware. The old CC wifi radio only gets one station that’s been set and it’s WOAK Atlanta. It won’t get Big Dog or KFI, which were both set. I do have a new CC Wifi radio with Skytunes and I enjoy it. I am still keeping the old radio.

  15. Steve Sybesma

    My CC Wifi and Grace Digital radios bit the dust early this week also.

    Thinking on this…

    Someone can probably make a decent living with a business that can modify these radios to work again.

    I think the instructions that have been provided are a little past my ability.

  16. Rob

    A little update.
    It seems that I was perhaps a bit premature (below) about the performance of my CCrane WiFi1 radios still functioning fine.
    I unplugged one of my radios briefly, and when powered on again had problems connecting. And I certainly received the ‘Network Error Reciva Gateway not responding’ error many times. As a background point, the radio did have the ‘workaround’ applied.
    HOWEVER— I did get the radio working again! I don’t know for how long, or if it’s hit/miss, but I’ll describe what I’ve experienced.
    It seems that the radio has/had a hard time connecting to my wifi network, at least according to the display messages. As a data point, another identical wifi radio that did not get unplugged functions as always.

    For the unplugged radio, during startup:
    Message: Finding Gateway
    Message: Network Error Reciva Gateway not responding

    At this point, I seem to be getting it to work with the following:
    Forget connecting to the network.
    When I get the message “Network Error Reciva Gateway not responding”, I press the BACK button (which shows Select network). Then I press the BACK button AGAIN. The display shows Preset x Stopped. At that point, I select a preset from the remote or radio, and it seems to lock in at that point! I’ve tried several times and each time has worked!

    Don’t discard your radios yet, tinker around with them, you might get them running again!
    Good luck,

    1. Susan LaBarge

      Rob, THANK YOU, it worked for me and my old C. Crane radio!! I thought I had done something similar to what you suggested, but it takes pressing the BACK button twice in succession, as you mention, and then pressing one of my presets. Thank you so much for posting, and I encourage everyone to try this!

      1. Rob

        Hello Susan-
        You are very welcome and I’m so happy that this worked for you! One of my messages recommending this procedure was intended for you, but it didn’t get placed under your comment. I’m happy that you checked back to this forum and saw my procedure and it’s great that it’s working!

        One thing I’ve since noticed is that if you select a preset that was the last one working, I sometimes (or always? haven’t confirmed yet completely) get a message about the stream ended. This procedure might work better if you select a different preset number then was last streaming. And of course don’t hold the 1, 2, 3 preset buttons on the radio too long otherwise the memory contents may be overwritten. It might be the safest to use the 0 through 9 preset buttons on the remote.
        Thinking about it, I’m wondering if the BACK button might be taking the radio back to a state or condition to when it was connected to your network and working properly. Going ‘forward’ doesn’t seem to work.
        And unfortunately, powering the radio off (and still having it plugged in) results in a condition where this procedure needs to be repeated each time it’s turned on. But of course the mild inconvenience of the double BACK button press (which can be done from the remote control) is a small price to pay to regain functionality of the equipment.

        Good luck!

    2. Antti

      Your tip saved my WFR-20 radio! I love it because of its unique audio quality. Using the Sharpfin extension its possible to add new stations to the internal presets, but you have to add the URL manually.

    3. Neil

      Thanks Rob, I thought my really old Ipdio tune was dead today as started seeing the Reciva gateway error. It is using Sharpfin but that didn’t stop this message. Pressing back a few times upon the gateway error message llowed me to get back to selecting presets and all works fine. NB I don’t think there’s anything to stop Sharpfin being added post Reciva shutdown, it allows stations to be added manually using a Web server on radio itself. Most files are here http://iradioforum.net/sharpfin/

    4. Frank Gilbert

      Thank you, worked for my old Logik IR100. I won’t buy another internet radio with proprietary software. I have built a web radio/media player with a Raspberry Pi (single board computer). If the software stops being supported, it’s easy to replace. Altogether it cost me about £60 including a DAC amplifier and 2x50w used speakers. I kept mine simple as I’m simple, but this might inspire you https://bobrathbone.com/raspberrypi/pi_internet_radio.html

  17. Jim H - Seattle

    (Sorry for double post – forgot to mention mine is a Grace Mondo)

    Same here. Only history and presets working now, radio seems a lot slower to respond, and now also have intermittent loss of WiFi connection. Sometimes I can select a preset and the station will load and play, with the message “not connected to the internet”.

    Maybe Qualcomm would like to come into my house with an axe and start hacking apart some of the rest of my gear? Just another example of the “digital age” – and we all know what “digit” that they’re referring to! Once again I am disgusted by the lack of ethics of these computer hardware/software related corporations.

  18. Jim H in Seattle

    Same here. Only history and presets working now, radio seems a lot slower to respond, and now also have intermittent loss of WiFi connection. Sometimes I can select a preset and the station will load and play, with the message “not connected to the internet”.

    Maybe Qualcomm would like to come into my house with an axe and start hacking apart some of the rest of my gear? Just another example of the “digital age” – and we all know what “digit” that they’re referring to! Once again I am disgusted by the lack of ethics of these computer hardware/software related corporations.

    1. Susan LaBarge

      Jim, why should we be surprised as the lack of ethics of the computer corporations, as you stated. Apple only wants to sell new/more expensive versions of their laptops and phones, but doesn’t want to make them convenient for users with ports for headphones or other peripherals. Microsoft doesn’t want to support earlier buyers of their software and only wants to sell newer versions of Windows, even if the customer is perfect happy with an earlier version. Many times they are in such a rush to put out their products that they’re loaded with bugs they have to patch and re-patch. They DON’T CARE what we want, the only want our money!!

      1. Jim H - Seattle

        Susan, you are absolutely correct! Their bottom line i$ more important to them then their customers are. And Apple and the others don’t even want you to be able to fix their stuff.

        I was a broadcast engineer for 25 years, beginning in the early 1980’s. I was working with computers and some of these unethical companies from the very beginning and can’t tell you how many times we spent serious $ on a bad product that the manufacturer would not take responsibility for. Didn’t matter – hardware, software – all the same. Whenever we had problems it was always the OTHER hardware or software company’s fault. Or it was OUR fault!!! Had the same experience with digital audio recording hardware and software. This attitude has been going on ever since the beginning of widespread use of PC’s.

        Their “We will no longer support the stuff we just sold you so just go out and buy everything brand new – throw everything you have in the junk pile and start over from scratch” is really unethical, at the least. And wasteful.

        When I got my Mondo, i immediately thought “this is one of the best things I’ve ever spent money on”. I really loved this thing. Seems like they might at least offer some kind of reasonably priced subscription service to keep Reciva running. I do understand that maintaining the service probably costs them. But the bottom line is that my Mondo should have had many more years of service. (I’m not blaming Grace for any of this, either. They’ve been way more than fair to me over the years I’ve had the Mondo.)

        This reply could be hours long but I’ll stop here.

  19. Pedrovian

    It’s all really frustrating, both my Tangent Quattros were working normally last night and I was able to select from My Stuff. As Reciva vanished a few months ago this kind of suggests that the devices are quite capable of streaming live stations independently (I thought they used Reciva as a server) but the problem is no-one has access to the controls. Was it all one big scam?

    1. TheZ

      I am starting to see that it depends on the brand of radio. My Sangean looks like it did not store it’s presets locally, but on the server. So a few days ago, all of my presets disappeared and I now own a brick. I paid over $250 for the WFR-20 at least a decade ago, so it is a major loss. The audio section was a dual speaker bass port design, so that is why the cost was so high. Looks like if your radio stores the presets locally, it will still operate.

    2. Pedrovian

      OK, as of today one of my Tangents has gone to “Reciva not responding” so I’ve bagged it up and stashed at the back of the garage. The other one is still OK, when it goes I’ll try messing around with the buttons and see whether it’s worth keeping for anything.

  20. Alex

    My grace mondo radio presets still work and the reciva server workaround is functioning good using my laptop as a server with the required .pls All the other menu items are non working

  21. Jack Sheehy

    Checked my CCrane WIFI this morning, Sept. 15, and it still receives my presets – except for Pandora, which shut down a couple of weeks ago. I have not preformed any hacks or tried to to add any stations since Reciva shut down. My WIFI3, which I have had for a few months now has been working fine.

  22. stockjock

    I did a YouTube video comparing the mondo to the mondo+, which is a last generation model but which I bought new.

    Greg, the CEO of Grace Digital, spent quite a bit of time addressing some of my thoughts and mentioned a number of planned updates that are in the works. You might enjoy my video, which I’ll link to, and also may enjoy reading the comments.

    If you own a pre-shutdown radio like me, these updates won’t do you any good. If you own a newer Grace digital radios, such as Mondo Plus or Mondo Elite, they may improve your experience.

    And a request. The CEO is being pretty responsive, in my view. No, it doesn’t help us with radios that can no longer connect to Reciva, but I do give him props for engaging in the discussion. So please don’t bust his chops too much, as he is obviously trying to engage and respond to at least some of the suggestions. In terms of Reciva, I think his hands are pretty much tied.

    Here’s the link to my video:

  23. Timothy B. Gunter

    I can only get on that radio The Black Information Network and nothing else. I can’t get Pandora or “My Stuff” or search for stations I would like to listen to. Anyway, I have my CC WIFI 3, which is a different box altogether with Skytunes.

  24. Susan LaBarge

    My old CC wi-fi radio (purchased in 2013) is giving me the “Reciva network not responding” message, so it’s probably toast. But my Grace Innovator III (gifted to me sometime in 2014) still appears to work, although the old time radio station I listen to has random 10-30 second buffering sessions. (I figured this was part of the Reciva issue but don’t know if it’s connected to it or not.)

    I’m not knowledgeable enough to know how to do the workarounds described by other users, so I’ll just continue to use my Grace radio until it dies, then will just listen to OTR CDs on a CD player.

    I wanted to use a wi-fi radio to avoid adding to the disk landfill, but since I’m forced to, I’ll use CDs.

  25. TheZ

    My Sangean WFR20 no longer can access the 14 presets that I entered prior to the Reciva shutdown since the radio gets locked up on trying to do a station update from Reciva. Looks like I have a brick except for an audio input that allows me to use the speakers. I might connect the CCrane Wifi 3 to get some better audio, but the clean look will be gone….

    1. Dan Anderson

      Hi, I have the same Sangean WFR 20 and while it does give me the error when trying to connect to Reciva, the 6 presets on the remote do seem to work. Nothing else works, “station”, “My stuff” etc are dead.

      1. TheZ

        Thanks. I tried the remote and was able to get a few stations working again. Since a few remote presets were set to Pandora, those don’t work, so I just have 3 stations that I can access. (This has quieted my wife’s periodic suggestions to toss the radio 🙂 )

  26. Maria

    I had attempted one more time to get some sort of resolution on this whole issue back in August. This was the response I got.
    Perhaps we should also target Qualcomm with our complaints?

    – Grace Digital did not write the software on your radios, it was A 3RD party company named Reciva that wrote and owned the code over 10 years ago. A few years ago Reciva was sold to Qualcomm. Qualcomm is a billion dollar company. They recently decided to shut down the servers that provide the radio station database, control core menu items, as well as manages the communications between premium service providers like SiriusXM and Pandora and the radios.

    – Grace Digital does not have legal access to the Qualcomm code for the server or for the radio, so it is impossible for us change any software on the radio or the station database.

    Most municipalities have free e-waste cycling events or sites.

    1. Paul Trynoski

      “Most municipalities have free e-waste cycling events or sites.”

      Their way of saying they are washing their hands of the whole mess.

    2. TheZ

      Maybe Qualcomm can sell what is left to Skytunes? Does anyone know who to suggest this to? Got to be quick because the big companies like to destroy what they don’t need to avoid paying the tax man on their assets….

      1. schrippe04

        Skytune is no good. Why? Because I can only save one channel after the other. And if Radio Dzair Sahara is stored at position 98, I have to scroll to no.98 every time to listen to the station. Good is meanwhile only “MediaU”. There I can log in via PC, set genre and save stations under it. So just like RECIVA in the past.

  27. Tha Dood

    I ended up buy a couple of Grace Digital Mondo wi-fi radios, since I knew that I knew ahead of time that they were going bye-bye. Yeah… Reciva based wi-fi radios will still work, as our older Sangean WFR-20’s still do, but when a stream updates, changes, or new streams come aboard, you can no longer update Reciva base radios. So, they will eventually either be an expensive paperweight, or an expensive computer speaker amp, as many have the AUX Audio IN on them. What I did was go to the Grace Digital chat and asked for a discount, since I told them that I was stuck with Reciva based radios. And, I did get that. The link, https://gracedigital.com/collections/grace-digital-store Go to that very lower right on to that blue ‘CHAT’ icon, hit it, and explain that you are stuck with Reciva based radios, and ask if you can get a discount. BTW, the Grace Digital wi-fi radios are much faster, and quicker to resume streams, when the internet drops. Also, updates have made it so the Mondo Elite can have up to 100 Presets, in a preset MENU. Try it!!!!

  28. J j

    My GDI IRDT-200 tuners are all definitely down since yesterday, “My Stuff” basically doesn’t work anymore, I’m getting the ‘dreaded’ message “Reciva gateway not responding” too, oh well…thank you as it lasted (a bit longer than previously thought et al, he he). I gave me input here @ swling a few months ago about setting the presets before the Reciva aggregator disappeared, I set 25 memories with numbers, printed a list of the stations currently selected, and I’ll be able to even change the stations if needed…yes…as long as the tuner etc. allow it to happen, certainly. Anyway, my PRESETS and HISTORY, and of course the FM band is all what’s left I think in my ‘200’s at present.

  29. alg2468

    My Grace Mondo only works with its 10 preset stations and the last stored stations, so it picks up only about 20 stations. What is worst is not only is Amazon not selling the new Grace Digital Radios at this time, but I cannot use the 35% discount Grace is offering owners of the older Reciva based radios because they have been sold out of all their new models for several months. Not good for customer loyalty for Grace Digital and its customers.

  30. Rob

    As of 15 UTC September 14, I’m happy to report that both of my CCrane WIFI1 radios function as before. I did set up both radios to read PLS files containing the streaming URL which were assigned to the memory presets. In other words, both radios had the “hack” applied to them before Reciva completely shut down earlier this year.

    1. Rob

      A bit more to add.
      I have had several instances of losing power to the radios and the radios went through many iterations of trying to connect. The trick I learned for that situation was to simply ignore the radio and let it cycle through all its attempts to connect. Eventually the main menu comes up and recalling the presets as normal functioned fine.
      I also made reference to a “hack” and realize that some people have used sharpfin, etc. What I meant was that my radios had the widely discussed “workaround” applied to them.

  31. Michael

    History is working but slow. No more My Stations Menu. The tech world has failed when they claim they cannot create a patch or update. No faith anymore as they IMHO are strictly profit and not customer driven. Have my old cell hooked up and ready to go when this fails completely. Too bad …bought Grace to support Logitech Squeezebox as they are now gone. Funny, my old Squeezebox still works! Thank you Logitech.

  32. Andrew (grayhat)

    Let me say that I didn’t try the following, yet I believe that folks owning one of those “internet radios” based on the (now closed) “Reciva” service, may be interested in the informations found here


    at the very least, they may allow people to try putting those “doorstoppers” back to work… or I hope so 🙂

  33. Joe in KY

    I noticed the same last night and groaned that it’d finally happened (Reciva shutdown). I ran the Audacy app on my cellphone to listen to the radio overnight (we leave it running on an All-News station for white-noise), but I certainly don’t want to do that every night.

    Your blog article on whether the older CC WiFi radios requiring a Token was alarming (https://swling.com/blog/2021/04/do-reciva-wifi-radios-use-a-token-system-lets-prove-or-disprove-this-now/). I was ready to undertake the setup of iiS and presets lists as per your other article (https://swling.com/blog/2021/03/how-to-give-your-reciva-wifi-radio-a-second-life-before-the-service-closes-on-april-30-2021/) but if the Token is required, it’ll eventually brick these systems.

    Over the Summer I purchased a new CC WiFi 3 from Crane during their 1/2-off promotion for existing CC WiFi customers (ended in Aug), but told the Wife to intercept the package & not give it until my Birthday (which is later this year). Looks like I may have to open the Birthday Gift early 🙁

    I have an Auna IR-160 in another bedroom, but it uses the MediaU aggregator and isn’t kept up to date, even with requests to fix the radio links. I figure it’ll become a brick eventually as well, and I should purchase an additional CC WiFi 3 for there as well.

    GOOD ARTICLES! Appreciate this series because they’ve really helped!

    1. Manuel

      It appears to me that a Raspberry Pi as wifi radio is better alternative that costly commercial appliances. I use Chinese ESP32 Ocean Ltd from AliExpress as digital radio and is working very well and cheap.


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