RCI Sackville Antenna Farm Map and Legend

I’ve been going through some old paperwork recently and discovered this map of the antenna farm at Radio Canada International’s former Sackville, NB, transmitting site (click to enlarge):

I was given this printout by one of the staff members at Sackville when I visited there in the summer of 2012–only a few months before they closed, permanently.

I thought perhaps some others here in the SWLing Post community might enjoy checking out this map.

I do miss hearing RCI on the air. Hard to believe it’s almost been a decade.

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4 thoughts on “RCI Sackville Antenna Farm Map and Legend

  1. adi

    It was one of my greatest mistake as we drove past it in July 2007 but I didn’t take a single photo or a video….
    ** we did stopped for a while at the PEI DX lodge though.

  2. Richard Langley

    The towers are long gone but the buildings are still there as I witnessed last month driving to and from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. I don’t think the new first nation owners of the land have decided what to do with it yet.


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