Video: Stock Radiwow D-808 vs. DeBock 7.5 inch Loopstick model

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Gary DeBock, who shares the following notes and video:

The 7.5 inch (19cm) loopstick Radiwow R-108 model “smokes” the stock R-108 model in this video demonstration of receiving daytime DX fringe station 550-KARI in Blaine, WA (5 kW at 150 miles). The modification uses the same enhanced loopstick as described in the XHDATA D-808 “Supercharging” article, and is reasonably easy to complete (although some experience is recommended)

Click here to view on YouTube.

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7 thoughts on “Video: Stock Radiwow D-808 vs. DeBock 7.5 inch Loopstick model

  1. Fred

    An inductively coupled tuned ferrite rod works better (easy to build and employ), but you’d still only get to hear some right wing preacher:)!

  2. Mike bennety

    …perhaps a communications company can purchase his patent antenna, and sell it to the world!? …making one yourself is nice, but for mature people, it’s a little bit difficult! Medium wave (AM) is the main interest since shortwave stations are becoming g “fewer and far between-er”!

  3. Haluk Mesci

    I wrote to Gary thru Facebook Messenger but got no response. He’s either too busy or doesn’t read his FB messages. What I wanted to know was whether it was possible for him to share a schematic of his latest “71 mm Micro FSL Antenna”


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