Ernie’s portable Youloop antenna deployment system

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Ernie (NH7L), who shares the following photo and notes that this is his solution to “Youloop strain relief.”

I love it, Ernie! Very practical, affordable, accessible, and portable! Perfect for hanging on the curtain rod in your hotel room as well!

Thanks for sharing your tip!

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11 thoughts on “Ernie’s portable Youloop antenna deployment system

  1. William A Parmley

    Talk about coincidences! I have a Youloop hanging in one of my shack windows that I sometimes use with my Airspy SDR. Just today I bought a 6-foot RG-316 jumper with SMA connectors so that I can connect the loop to my IC-R6 scanner to improve performance over the rubber duck antenna. I was thinking it would be nice to be able to move the loop to other parts of the house, particularly next to my recliner in the sunroom and was pondering ways to do that. Well, here it is! Thanks!!!
    (By the way, another convenience tip is to use a small Bluetooth adapter with the scanner so that I can listen on my noise cancelling Bluetooth headphones and move around the house.)

  2. Paul Burnett

    And you can pack it or store it at one-third size by folding/flexing it like a bandsaw blade. (Ask any wood shop how.)

  3. Ernie NH7L

    String (piece of parachute cord) has a permanent loop tied at the upper end and a slidable knot (two half hitches, in sailor/Boy Scout jargon) at the bottom so length can be fine-adjusted, controlling both the shape of the loop and eliminating strain on the lower SMA fittings. This is entirely about strain relief on the SMAs … if the YouLoop is like more ordinary loops I have used, antenna efficiency is not compromised from having a loop that is not a perfect circle.

  4. Julio Cesar Pereira

    Well done! A friend of mine made a sturdier version of the YouLoop (same performance and characteristics) that can be fitted to a tripod. I took it outside and was able to pick up a lot of signals, including FM (very selective). I also use this YouLoop version (CR-loop) with a rf preamp and it works very well.


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