Schulman Auctions posts new lots of radio gear for January 2022

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Mario Filippi, who writes:

There is a lot of gear for auction from Schulman Auctions. There are several shortwave radios and other vintage gear, even crystal radios. Eye candy for radio buffs.


Mario, N2HUN

Thank you for the tip, Mario! Click here to check out the catalog of radios up for auction.

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4 thoughts on “Schulman Auctions posts new lots of radio gear for January 2022

  1. william B kipping

    I quit also after being robbed by the super high packing and UPS frieght. The auction house must be taking a kick back as well, just awful business practice

  2. Ron L Beaver

    Please be aware of the cost of shipping an item from Mission, KS. I bid and won the auction on a radio that weighted 38 pounds. The UPS store is their shipper on all items. My 38# radio cost $188.10 for shipping and handling. They did refund me $26.10 when I complain about the cost. Actual shipping charges were $82.10.


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