Presentation: Crystal Radio History, Construction, and Contesting

Many thanks to SWLing Post Contributor, David Day (N1DAY), who shares the video presentation below, offering even more insight into his most recent guest post on the topic of crystal radio DXing.

David has also posted this presentation on his website and notes that he’s happy to share the presentation slides without copyright. David notes:

[…]I have purposely not copyrighted this work so that anyone is free to modify it as they see fit. The only thing I ask is that if you make changes that you do not copyright the derivative work as your own intellectual property so that others can benefit from your knowledge and build upon it as well.

That’s brilliant, David! Thank you.


Click here to view on YouTube.

Click here to check out N1DAY’s website.

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2 thoughts on “Presentation: Crystal Radio History, Construction, and Contesting

  1. Rip

    Are there any fully constructed (i.e., non do it yourself kits) Crystal Radios available for purchase? I have internet searched and can not find any.
    – Many thanks.

  2. Andrew (grayhat)

    Didn’t (yet) take the time to watch the video, but looking at the pic here, it shows three air capacitors, now…. given the very nature of a crystal receiver (when I was a little boy “galena” crystals were still available in some shops :D) did you consider using one of the caps for a “ground tuning” stage ? Mind me, such a thing will vastly improve reception, and I’m writing it out of direct (although aged) experience


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