The Guardian: “BBC website ‘blocked’ in Russia as shortwave radio brought back to cover Ukraine war”

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Chris, who shares the following report from The Guardian:

BBC website ‘blocked’ in Russia as shortwave radio brought back to cover Ukraine war (The Guardian)

Website reportedly available at only 17% of normal levels in Russia, hours after broadcaster revives radio technology to reach Ukraine and parts of Russia

Access to BBC websites has been restricted in Russia, hours after the corporation brought back its shortwave radio service in Ukraine and Russia to ensure civilians in both countries can access news during the invasion.

State communications watchdog Roskomnadzor restricted access to BBC Russia’s online presence, as well as Radio Liberty and the Meduza media outlet, the state-owned Russian RIA news agency reported on Friday.

According to Globalcheck, a service that tracks internet censorship in the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), the availability of the entire BBC website was at 17% of normal levels in Russia, which suggests some services have been blocked.

BBC Russia also reported that Meta, formerly known as Facebook, also appeared to be blocked, as was Google Play.

The signs the BBC was being blocked emerged hours after the BBC’s decision to revert to a mostly obsolete form of broadcasting, broadcasting four hours of its world service, read in English, to Ukraine and parts of Russia each day.

“It’s often said truth is the first casualty of war,” BBC director general Tim Davie said in announcing the move on Thursday. “In a conflict where disinformation and propaganda is rife, there is a clear need for factual and independent news people can trust … millions more Russians are turning to the BBC.” [Continue reading at The Guardian…]

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3 thoughts on “The Guardian: “BBC website ‘blocked’ in Russia as shortwave radio brought back to cover Ukraine war”

  1. Johann

    > 15730 0700-1900
    > 5875 is now registered as 1900-2200.

    registered yes, active no.

    5875 is active from 20-22 though which is the former (read: since feb. 24) assignment.

    hearsay says 15730 willl go active in ukrainian and russian

    1. William

      Thanks for mentioning this… Listening to World Service English on 5875 now in SE England. Think this might be the first time I’ve heard world service on an analogue frequency with such good reception since Orford Ness shut down…

  2. Mike Barraclough

    British DX Club email list reports that the BBC has now registered some new frequencies with the ITU for World Service English to Europe: 7370 0400-0600, 9745 0600-0700, 15730 0700-1900. 5875 is now registered as 1900-2200. All from Woofferton, 9745 is 250kw, rest 300kw. Directional aerials, 86 degrees for 15730 and 15735, 78 degrees for the others. BBC Russian registered on 9770 1800-1830.


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