Video Presentation: WLW Radio -100 Years – Behind The Scenes by Dave Snyder

A view of the iconic WLW tower taken from the neighboring VOA Bethany site and museum.

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, David Snyder, who shares this presentation outlining the history of WLW for the National VOA Museum of Broadcasting YouTube channel.

Video description:

Behind the scenes pictures from the efforts of Powel Crosley, Jr. creating the famous WLW Radio Station, including the largest USA AM broadcast transmitter at 500,000 watts.

Click here to view on YouTube.

Most excellent! Thank you for sharing this, David.

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4 thoughts on “Video Presentation: WLW Radio -100 Years – Behind The Scenes by Dave Snyder

  1. Dave Mason

    I LOVED this video. I first became connected with Cincinnati in 1983 when I became PD of 55KRC, a venerable competitor of WLW. ‘KRC is 5k days, 1k nights DA-2. Our former operations manager Randy Michaels had gone over to WLW to rescue the station from years of mismanagement, and we were charged with keeping the legacy he’d begun on 55KRC during his tenure. Driving I-71 through Mason Ohio, you had King’s Island (amusement park) on one side, and the WLW tower on the other. A constant reminder that we, at 55 KRC had our work cut out for us. WLW ultimately won, and during the transition to new owners, I was lucky enough to move with WKRC to Jacor and WLW where I had some pretty exciting shifts. Of course the station had an incredible full-time staff in place and I had 3 other remarkable stations to handle – but seeing this is a great display of the power that WLW still has. Plus, I had NO idea that WLWO (Short Wave) even existed.


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