Vertical Freedom: New documentary highlights the lives of tower climbers

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Jerome van der Linden, who shares a link to the following article in Radio World announcing the new feature-length documentary Vertical Freedom:

Spotlight on Broadcast Tower Climbers in New Documentary (Radio World)

“Vertical Freedom” takes viewers to new heights

NATE, in collaboration with Storybuilt Media, has created a feature-length documentary titled “Vertical Freedom,” which highlights the professional and personal lives of six communications infrastructure workers in the United States.

Throughout the film, these cellular and broadcast tower climbers share what compels and excites them about their line of work. Plus, how to overcome every-day danger in order to connect us all.

Ky Nguyen is just one of the climbers featured in the film. He has worked with RIO Steel and Tower out of Alvarado, Texas for the last 10 years.

After the Great Recession, Nguyen wanted to move away from his job in construction and — while he is skilled at his craft now — he was initially hired onto the tower communication service’s team with zero experience.

“I started as a climber and then just kept working my way up,” he said. “Then I became foreman and began project managing. I’m one of those types of guys where, if you want it done a certain way, you have to be with them, showing them, leading by example – so I’m climbing every day.” [Continue reading at Radio World…]


Click here to view the trailer on YouTube.

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4 thoughts on “Vertical Freedom: New documentary highlights the lives of tower climbers

  1. Jay

    December 2022
    The movie Vertical Freedom has been finally been released. I purchased the rental on Google. It was available on a number of streaming platforms. The movie is about the people who install and maintain communication towers. It speaks to the special individuals who do this line of work and are away from home for long periods of time. I follow this blog along with QRP and I believe your readers would be quite interested. My wife found it quite interesting. The scenery and filming is truly spectacular from both the ground and from the towers. I highly recommend renting the movie.
    73. Jay. London Ontario

  2. Jay

    Hello everyone
    I have searched around “high and low” (sorry about that) to find out where I can see this documentary.
    Does anyone have any idea where it is playing or even better streaming?
    73 Jay


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