CBS features WRMI’s Ukraine war news over shortwave

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Kim Elliott, who shares the following report from CBS Weekend News:

Florida residents broadcast Ukraine war news to Russian citizens (CBS Weekend News)

A farm in central Florida has become one of the largest shortwave radio operations in the world. Using Cold War era radio technology called shortwave, Jeff White and his team are broadcasting unbiased information on the status of the Russian war on Ukraine to listeners in Belarus, Ukraine and Russia. Miguel Amaya has more.

Click here to watch on YouTube.

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5 thoughts on “CBS features WRMI’s Ukraine war news over shortwave

  1. Mike in Knoxville

    WRMI certainly has benefited from a lot of free publicity lately – good for them and SWLing.

    Not sure where the “propaganda…one sided” comment originates from. It’s a fact that much of the broadcast infrastructure in Ukraine has been destroyed, and Russians have few choices of information available, most of which is forced to toe the Kremlin line.

  2. Stacy

    Its hard to get shortwave in Hawaii but I listen almost nightly, some stations come in better than others depending on conditions. I listen mainly at night on a little CCRANE radio with just the antenna attached. I have a wire antenna that connects to the antenna but don’t use it that often.

    I thought it was a good piece and not propaganda.

  3. B Lee

    Why is there no mention that Miguel Amaya worked for the Voice of America? This is nothing more than a propaganda piece. All one sided.

  4. Jean Pierre

    Great report ! Hope it gets some people to switch their AM FM radio into SW position to check whats on the air !!


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