Further adventures of WELK

Hi to all SWLing Post community, it’s Fastradioburst23 again letting you know about the second transmission of WELK this evening at 2200 utc on 9395 kHz thanks to the good folks at WRMI.

If you enjoyed all the accordion and squeezebox based tunes last week you’ll be sure to love this second installment and it’ll be a good one to have on in the background whilst perfecting those air accordion moves.

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One thought on “Further adventures of WELK

  1. Michael Cathcart, N0TLD

    I’m sorry I missed these. Not that I’m the world’s greatest accordion fan, but I appreciate it done well. I have a direct connection to Lawrence Welk — my mother is Peggy Lennon of the Lennon Sisters, whom most of you older than about 60 might remember fairly well. She, my aunts and I also performed for many years in the 1990s/2000s redo of the official Welk Show here in Branson MO. Welk’s accordion music — and especially the genius of Myron Floren — have meaning to me, and so I very much enjoy good accordion playing from around the world. I’d love to hear these shows.


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