Julian spots a Panasonic RF-3000A on eBay

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Julian, who writes:


I stumbled across this listing for a Panasonic RF-3000A so I thought I’d share it in case some SWLingers interested in or who collect vintage solid state radios are interested in the following listing for a Panasonic RF-3000A for US$125.00.


Click here to view on eBay.

Thank you for the tip, Julian! I don’t think I’ve ever seen this model of Panasonic before. At first blush, it looks like a Barlow Wadley.

Based on the description of the radio, it sounds like it might need a little work. I think a re-capping would be in order and I’m sure the pots and switches need an application of Deoxit.

Perhaps our resident Panasonic collectors will let us know if this radio is rare or common? I doubt it’s exceptionally rare since there have been 3 offers made on it in the past. Please comment!

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2 thoughts on “Julian spots a Panasonic RF-3000A on eBay


    I have seen one RF-3000A in a flea market at Rovigno, Croazia this july. Unluckly there was an incoming thunderstorm and flea was on closing due gusts of wind and I have no chance to ask for price. Perhaps, since in Croazia they have Kuna instead Euro, it could be that I could have bought it at a good price, but what about … it went like this 🙂
    However, in this moment on Ebay there’s another three RF-3000A on sell, one in USA, one in Ukraine (they have relaxed time to think to sell something on Ebay, to see…) and one in UK. Not so rare, but definitively a nice radio to collect.

  2. Craig

    Recently acquired one of these Panasonic RF3000A, I am not a collector but I have a hard time passing by something this cool looking, well different at least. The build quality of this era is really quite astounding. I am on a fixed income, so popping for a new old radio is quite a treat.
    There are a few variants of this model so heads up


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