Video: The Erres KY-418 radio set WWII era assembly line

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Adid, who writes:

The Erres KY-418 Radio set assembly line. You must watch this:

Click here to view on YouTube.

My heart goes to the poor guys who work under all that machinery noise with no ear plugs or with no mask when spray paint.

Everything is hand made in-house even the loudspeakers, coils or the rotary switches….

Just remember that WWII is on while it was made and I don’t think the KY-418 was a cheap radio…

Regards, Adi

Thank you for sharing this, Adid. You’re right: there were a few generations of folks who lost much of their hearing early on due to the constant noise on factory floors. 

That said, I’ve been enjoying these videos of early radio production lines. Thank you!

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3 thoughts on “Video: The Erres KY-418 radio set WWII era assembly line

  1. J.COliver

    Weet iemand het merk of de modellen van deze radio’s die zijn gemaakt?
    Does anyone know the brand or models of these radios that were manufactured?
    Kennt jemand die Marke oder Modelle dieser Radios, die hergestellt wurden?

  2. Jack

    Radio’s where manufactured in The Hague Holland while occupied by the German Nazi’s.
    In spring 1943 every Dutch (except for Nazi collaborators) had to turn in their radio to the Germans… Luckily the BBC had most stronger transmitters then the Germans, and a lot of people hide their radio to listen to the BBC.


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