Les spots a near-mint Lowe HF-225 on eBay for $550 shipped

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Les (K3JTP), who writes:

Lowe HF225 with FM and AM Synchro offered on eBay at about US$500 + US$50 shipping from Netherlands. Almost mint condition,. A rare find of a highly rated receiver made in the UK.

Click here to view on eBay (partner link).

Thank you so much for sharing this, Les.  I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve always wanted a Lowe and I’m quite fond of the simple display on the 225. INdeed, I think one of the strong points of Lowe was a focus on audio and reception all while keeping the controls and package so incredibly simple.  This seller has a perfect rating and the radio is obviously in wonderful cosmetic shape.  This will make someone a happy Lowe owner.

Thanks again for sharing, Les!

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6 thoughts on “Les spots a near-mint Lowe HF-225 on eBay for $550 shipped

  1. Victor

    My God I nearly feel through the floor! I have one of these on my shelf from my old SWL days which still comes out for a spot of use. It was quite expensive back in the day but I had no idea they still kept their value. That said I’m not planning on ever giving her up!

    Perhaps that’s reason behind the high prices and she does have beautiful reception audio.

  2. Chuck Rippel

    The HF-225 Europa version was a very nice radio, I had one. Very nice audio and IMHO, was an ideal “listen to the BBC in the evening radio.” That said, the best “BBC in the evening radio was the Hammarlund SP-600 with a Longmont Audio Labs audio mod installed. SP-600’s came with a class A, single ended audio section making the component changes Longmont recommended even further improved the audio.


      550 $ for a standard HF-225 mint conditions too is too much. At this price I can reach a good Europa one. My HF-225 was buyed on Ebay at 165 € shipped, it have only a spot in a corner on the front and just a need of a bit of cleaner on the frequency encoder.


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