New Broadcast Schedule for VORW Radio International Transmissions!

Hello shortwave listeners! I wanted to make this post in order to provide an updated broadcast schedule for my transmissions to Europe and North America for the Fall of 2022.

This radio program is 1 Hour in length and features miscellaneous discussion (sometimes about current events, other times about random subjects on my mind) at the start of the program and is then balanced out with listener requested music. I hope for it to be an enjoyable light entertainment program with good music and discussion!

Updated Schedule:

Friday 1600 UTC (7 PM EEST/MSK) – 9670 kHz – Moosbrunn 100 kW – Europe, Russia, The Middle East, Central & East Asia

Saturday 0600 UTC (2 AM Eastern / 1 AM Central) – 4840 kHz – WWCR 100 kW – North America

Saturday 2200 UTC (6 PM Eastern / 5 PM Central) – 6115 kHz – WWCR 100 kW – Eastern North America

Monday 0400 UTC (12 AM Eastern / 11 PM Central Sunday Evening) – 4840 kHz – WWCR 100 kW – North America

Listener reception feedback is much appreciated at [email protected] and e-QSL’s will be sent out for reception reports, a special e-QSL is also sent out for reception reports for the transmission on 9670 kHz.

Happy listening!

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8 thoughts on “New Broadcast Schedule for VORW Radio International Transmissions!

  1. John Jankilulous

    Hey, I started listening while flipping with ShortWave channels on my new radio. Sounds decently well here in Chicago!

  2. Ben

    Love the variety of music. Tom Petty!!!

    Keep it up!

    I’d like to request Alice in Chains.

    Listening on a military receiver, R-808, clear signal.

    15.720 MHz (analog tuner, so not exact on frequency)

    From Central Ohio.

  3. Andrew Hill

    Howdy. Responding to request. Programme heard from Toronto on Mo17Apr23 @0420UTC. Unfortunately, signal very poor here at the time. MLA30 loop on SDRdx. 35233. All the best.

  4. Dale

    Great show! I heard it loud and clear up in Vancouver Canada at 4800 (approximately) on ky 1955 Zenith Transoceanic.

    I will continue to tune in.



  5. Tim

    I have really enjoyed VORW for several years. Near Seattle the WRMI signal on 5850 with a 315 azmith was great. The WCCR 4840 is much inferior, and at 22 UTC 6115 is impossible. It is too bad such a great show is now very difficult to hear. For those who can hear it, tune in!! Really a great show.


  6. Richard

    Too bad these frequencies are now on WWCR and not WRMI were it was the best time too hear your broadcasts to N am on 5850 kHz, at 0200 UTC now I am a sleep most nights at 10 PM local time the 0600 UTC broadcast 12 am on Saturday, 0400 UTC 10 PM (which might be the only time in Winter 0300), 4840 kHz, is sometimes a tricky frequency to hear in this area which beam WWCR is using, good luck happy listening,


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