Jack remembers the Eavesdropper Antenna

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Jack Dully, who shares a link to this Eavesdropper antenna on eBay and writes:

When I had my roof top antennas, with the original building owner, I put up the Eavesdropper. There were 2 versions: this one with the twin lead-in and the second with a coax lead-in connection. I had both. One strung E&W and the 2nd N&S with a MFJ ant. switch. Both were up for about 7 years with a Zap Trapper surge protector and good cold water ground. They were pretty rugged withstanding blizzards, hurricanes and summer thunderstorms.

Back then, a company called Antenna Supermarket sold them for about 45 bucks a piece. Both worked great for me and they were only about 45′ long center fed From Yonkers, N.Y. I could pull in Madrid and Australia and New Zealand very clearly on my Eton E-1 XM. So I thought some readers might be interested in buying an eavesdropper on eBay, it works well. Take care and enjoy !

Thank you for sharing that, Jack! 

I remember seeing the Eavesdropper advertised back in the day.  I still believe it must have one of the best antenna names ever! The product image brings back memories of browsing radio catalogs!

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15 thoughts on “Jack remembers the Eavesdropper Antenna

  1. Thomas Post author

    FYI: Jack has found another Eavesdropper on eBay. A number of you reached out after this one was sold. This is currently on eBay for $62 shipped. The seller has a 100% rating, but says everything he sells is “yard sale” quality. If interested, check it out here: https://ebay.us/ZHw3ne

  2. Karl Hubbard

    20 years later, Just starting to rummage through my dad’s old radio equipment including his JRC NRD-545, speaker, and what is the EavesDropper Trap Dipole antenna installed decades ago. While I have Elecraft KX3 transceiver connected to a Buckmaster 7 band OCFD (am an amateur extra), I figured this eaves dropper would be good for just listening to various world wide broadcasts on the various bands. Plan on setting it up this weekend.

    Would like to connect it to a Sangean or ETON SW Receiver, although I think he also has a GRUNDIG. I’ll be interested to listen to what I can capture.

  3. Tom

    I’ve owned four of these. In 1982, left between the wild cherry trees. That one was 300 ohm. Next one, 75 ohm, was in service for 20+ years before an ice storm took it down. Third one, 75 ohm, is still in service for 10 years. My fourth one, 75 ohm, is still new in its original un-opened package.
    Can you tell I like these?
    These run great as is. Add a simple antenna tuner, and the utility bands come alive. Orientation is not critical. Would also work well in an attic as a backup.

  4. Edward Hutton

    I ordered one from Universal Radio and shipped it to my duty station in Athens Greece. Installed that on the roof of my apartment building, DX heaven. When I left I just left it behind.

    1. Hank

      I agree that the Tilted, Terminated, Folded Dipole is hard to beat for low noise reception over a broad frequency range.
      My fuzzy memory is that the US Army did field antenna tests and came to the conclusion the TTFD was the its winning design.

    1. James Ritchie

      The best shortwave antenna ever made. Mine served flawlessly for 25years, undeterred by high winds. Strung full length out in the open, hooked to my Eton E1 XM, Voice of Korea, RNZ, Amazonia,Havana,Espana, picked up as clear as if local. Even very rare African services could be heard. I still have it,though sadly stowed in a bag unused thanks to new digs and HOA. But it will be put to use again,as I have figured out a way around. No other antenna comes close.

      1. jack dully

        Yes,I had a simlar set-up with the Eavesdropper and E-1 XM,Perhaps it was the fantastic radio but I think it was the combo that matched each other.Mine was in the open air strung out straight but you could also do an inverted V config. or a 90 degree turn if space was limited.I had a Par 45′ sloper as somone mentioned,howeverit picked up noise which somehow the quiet Eaves dropper did not.The traps never loosened and athough the copper turned green from exposure, it didn’t hamper reception. Good luck and get that baby out of the bag and into the air.ENJOY !

  5. East Troy Don

    Back in the mid-80’s I paired up an Eavesdropper with a Kenwood R600 for my 1st SWL combo. Both performed beautifully. I was hooked.

    1. jack dully

      For its compact size,it was and is a true performer,finely tuned for ham,int.broadcasts or what remains of them.It even extends your FM range and if you had a MW ant. hook-up it worked with that,also.They do pop up on Ebay (new in the bag) on occasion,in fact you can have a search for anything,saved on Ebay and when it becomes available again,they send you an email that someone is selling it,pretty cool of them.

  6. East Troy Don

    Back in the mid-80’s I paired a KENWOOD R600 with the Eavesdropper for my 1st SWL combination. They both worked beautifully. I was hooked.

  7. John VE3IPS

    I will check my Popular Communications back issues of Gilfer catalog for the advert on this antenna

    Still looking for a Trick Stick antenna
    John VE3IPS


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