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Jerry’s flea market and estate sale radios

SWLing Post reader, Jerry (WW0E) writes:

“Sorry I missed your table at Dayton. Managed to add 4 old 1940’s 1950’s era broadcast band radios to my collection, had a great time. [Here is a] picture of my 1938 Wards dial tone with tuning eye, $35.00.”

wardsradioJerry continues:

“Found this GE-P780 at an estate sale last weekend $20.00, fantastic working condition!”


“Recently purchased this Philco console, 1938, with the Philco ‘cone-centric tuning dial system.'”


philco38-4_dial_1Many thanks, Jerry, for sharing these excellent finds! If I had a bigger house, I would certainly fill it with 1930’s era console radios!


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