Jerry’s flea market and estate sale radios

SWLing Post reader, Jerry (WW0E) writes:

“Sorry I missed your table at Dayton. Managed to add 4 old 1940’s 1950’s era broadcast band radios to my collection, had a great time. [Here is a] picture of my 1938 Wards dial tone with tuning eye, $35.00.”

wardsradioJerry continues:

“Found this GE-P780 at an estate sale last weekend $20.00, fantastic working condition!”


“Recently purchased this Philco console, 1938, with the Philco ‘cone-centric tuning dial system.'”


philco38-4_dial_1Many thanks, Jerry, for sharing these excellent finds! If I had a bigger house, I would certainly fill it with 1930’s era console radios!


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One thought on “Jerry’s flea market and estate sale radios

  1. James

    I had one good working GE P780. Whether its capacitors were up to snuff I don’t know, so I won’t say it was a DXing demon, but the sound, the effortless warm rich sound that came out of that thing was astonishing. No modern portable can touch it for volume and tone. And you wouldn’t want to drop it on your foot–that distinctive chrome must be by Fisher Body in Detroit. Pretty sure the 780 is closer to ten pounds than five without batteries. There’s also an AM-FM version of the 780. That’s a great find for twenty bucks Jerry!


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