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Hidden connector on Tecsun PL-660?

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Andy (G0FTD), who writes:


Not sure if you’ve come across this, but earlier when I was cleaning my Tecsun PL660 and took the main tuning knob off the spindle, I discovered what looked
like 4 holes of a hidden connector behind it !

I just did a quick search around and I came across a piccy of the PCB on a blog
page here and yes there appears to be what looks like a small USB connector of some sort poking out the PCB where the VFO knob is. [Andy clarifies that he was trying to point out the area to look, but the pic appears to be from the opposite side, so you can’t see it.]

I can’t say that I’ve ever seen reference to it.

Maybe you or your readers might know ?

73 de Andy G0FTD

Thanks for sharing this, Andy. I am curious if that might be the port they use for firmware updates? Perhaps someone here can verify? I gave my PL-660 to a friend and no longer have it here for reference. Please comment if you have some info about this port.

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Help identifying longwave transmitters


As many of you know, I’ve been catching up on correspondence recently as the past few weeks have been quite hectic. 

SWLing Post reader, Andy (G0FTD), sent the following message several weeks ago, but is still seeking help:

I came across your website recently, so good to read something dealing with proper SWLing!

Last night I set up an experiment on 279Khz.

This is because of my interest in something called QRSS beacons in  amateur radio. I use the HF bands, but recently became interested in the LF  bands, 136 / 475Khz amateur bands and propagation.

I thought it would be interesting to test for the times that the day / nightime occurs at LF.

To do this I decided to use 279Khz, which by rights only has 2 transmitters on them, and at a convenient distance.

The only list I have says that Belarus and Turkey operate transmitters, so in theory I should only see 2 traces on my Argo software.


But I was surprised to see 3 traces.

Two of them have about a 1Hz offset to the main one, exactly on 279Khz.

I wonder if your readers can confirm the transmitters ?

Maybe Belarus is operating two TX sites with the offset, and the other is Turkey ?

You can see that the two offset ones go QRT at the same time.

If you can help Andy, please comment. Again, Andy, apologies for the delay in posting your inquiry!

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