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The Cipher Machines and Cryptology website has moved to a new location

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Dirk Rijmenants, who shares the following update:

Dear cryptography enthusiasts,

The Cipher Machines and Cryptology website moved to a new location!

Since you visited our website, contacted me, read about cryptography,
downloaded the various simulators or participated in some the challenges, I
would like to inform you that the entire website moved to the new address
www.ciphermachinesandcryptology.com. The website now also supports
hppts (SSL/TLS) so that you can visit us secure and anonymous.

If you want to stay in contact, then please visit the new website and add
the link to your favorites or bookmarks. I chose to inform you before the
old domain is terminated permanently because it takes a while before Google
indexes new website, and Google search results might still send you to the
old obsolete address for a whole.

If my website is linked on your website, then I’ be most grateful if you
adjust that link to the new website. Of course, you can also share the new
website with your friends and on social media. Spread the word! The more we
share it, the sooner search engines find it ;-]

The reason for the change of server and domain is due to the old provider
decided stopping all their user web spaces. More about the move is found on
our latest blog post.

My apologies for any inconvenience.

Dirk Rijmenants

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Rijmenants’ paper sheds light on Cuban numbers stations

WFL_015I’m always amazed by the remarkable talents and extraordinary knowledge of SWLing Post readers. Dirk Rijmenants recently commented on one of our Cuban spy numbers station postings:

[T]hanks for your work on this fascinating blog.

I have additional information on how and who used these Cuban numbers stations. I composed a paper based on FBI and court documents. “Cuban Agent Communications” can by found in the Papers section of my website.

Here’s the direct link (pdf):

Have fun reading!

Dirk Rijmenants
Cipher Machines & Cryptology

I’ve read Dirk’s paper, which does, indeed, shed light on the process of receiving and decoding numbers. Most of all, it exposes the vulnerability and fallacy of using anything other than one-time decryption keys and single-use pads. Why? Most of what the FBI has learned about Cuban numbers came from laptops that were used to help decrypt coded messages–an unnecessary procedure when numbers can simply be decoded on note pads that can then be burnt or destroyed.

But don’t take my word for it–download and read Dirk’s paper Cuban Agent Communications” by clicking here. Also, be sure to check out Dirk’s blog and cryptology website; I’ve bookmarked both.

Thanks for sharing your findings, Dirk!

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